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After almost 2 years, another . Much of the above still applies.
I do more C coding and no C++. I am exploring others, such as R, Erlang and Racket.
I want to move to XMPP instead of Signal, because of decentralization.
I am not available for hire anymore, unless a job offer includes serious open source development.
I don't do teaching at the moment, but I am open for it.

As for my values, I am still Christian and am a little more certain of my beliefs. Also, see image.

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Hey y'all! After ~1,5 years on the fediverse, I probably should do a proper .
I am a developer from the Netherlands. My ideal work environment would be something with ( and +Linux. I do C++/C as well. I like hardware stuff, but I don't consider myself an embedded software developer anymore.
I am incredibly concerned about issues and also a little on (software) in general. I refuse to use WhatsApp and I currently use as a replacement. I refuse to work for companies that violate privacy law *and* ethics. Following the law is not enough.
I really dislike software that makes people use their screens more often and I don't want to create such software.
(btw, if (some of this) resonates with your business: I am available for hire!)

Furthermore, I love to kids and give them some love, although I am not very at good at both. If things were a little different, I would probably be a teacher. I occasionally give extra, 1 on 1, math lessons to kids.

I consider myself a and I try to follow the , although I am not always sure what that means. I have some opinions that you might find conservative and maybe even controversial, though for someone who grew up in the, I am *relatively* progressive and liberal.

ICYMI - Zig provides an additional front end for compiling C programs:

An attractive feature of this is being able to ship a pre-configured cross compiler environment with your source code with less than 50 MB of additional data

Computers have always been an escape for me.

When computers have issues it is my fault, I made a mistake. There is no human element: I have complete control, in contrast to many painful events in my life. The computer is not being malicious or judgemental, the computer cannot traumatize me. It just takes an instruction and executes it.

I think, on an emotional level, that is why I cling so much to libre software. My computer is the one thing I have control over. Don't take that from me.

Project pitch: "$A (language $X)"

Hmm, $A requires solving $B, which is a hard problem that I don't think I've seen done in $X before


Accurate project pitch: "$A ($X wrapper around $B (which is written in C))"

Some open source projects which solve problems so difficult that they have no real peers:


Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.

I've got some thoughts on this Ethical Tech Giving Guide:

DO NOT gift a Pinephone or Librem! It'll just reinforce a perception that open source is buggy and clumsy. Please wait a few years!

The laptops/desktops they recommend are probably fine.

If you're having wifi issues (like I *used to*), I trust the FSF's recommendation. A wifi dongle's an easier approach than fixing it yourself! Smallness looks nice too.


If you host a website only for yourself, please consider "Referrer-Policy: no-referrer" (or "same-origin").

Because your are the only one using the site, it is very easy to correlate requests to you personally (of course, this could also be done with ip-addresses and dns ptr, but don't make it to easy, ok?).

(Website=anything, including your own masto instance).

"If consumers even know there's a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we've already failed."

—Peter Lee, Disney Executive in an interview with The Economist in 2005.


@sir Bryan Cantrill has some of my favorite talks. Checking this one out. Adding this funny short one about tail -f.

A few ways to make money in FOSS


I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

#ICANN is starting to see #DNS centralization as an issue:

"As of October 2020, it takes 212 resolvers to see 50 percent of all Internet users. It takes 2149 resolvers to see 90 percent of them. These numbers have been relatively stable over the last twelve months. To provide some context, there are millions of resolvers around the world.

For [those concerned with possible concentration], it is worth keeping an eye on the evolution of these numbers."


@sir I remember hearing an interview a while back with the head of Invoice Ninja which is open source. He said most of there clients used there paid service, but the ones that self hosted more than made up for the lost revenue in high quality bug reports and patches.


:tlsp::tlsp::tlsp: 👨‍🚀 wait, emojo memes?

:tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp::tlsp:​ always have been 🔫 👨‍🚀

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