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I think that depends more on the implementation than the protocol itself.

The importance of (supporting/focusing on) lies in that it is an .

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Electrum 3.0.5 was just released, fixing that critical . See the front page (there they link to an announcement at Bitcointak).

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I would recommend your cat stuff to some people, your stuff to other groups, etc... But as it is not possible to distinguish them, I find it hard to do a general recommendation, as one is "polluting" the other, no way to recommend/follow based on interest or "category".

See my own examplification on how I separate my toots into multiple accounts, specifically to enable following by interest.


The [NULL] numberplate from Hell [CA] “The idea was I’d get VOID for my wife’s car, so our driveway would be NULL and VOID,” Tartaro says." [via Wired Mag.] 

I have planned some improvements with Fedilab.

#Mastodon :
- I will replace the discover users feature (currently done via the Trunk API) with the profile discovery.

#Pixelfed :
- History! I am on it.

#Friendica :
- Huge improvements planned. Even the cross-account actions.
- Its custom layout/actions like for Peertube or Pixelfed.

If you want FOSS tools to still be the "I pay for it with my time because my time is meaningless" then we don't need to change a thing. Keep on making it so folks have to play some perverse roulette to ensure that things work with outside printers and publishers.

But if we're ever going to show that we're just as good as the professional tools then we need to start emulating all of the imperfections of those tools. Specs be damned, if everyone else figured it out so can we.

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@dredmorbius @craigmaloney i think the harsh reality is also just that it's a lot easier, economically / resource / person-hour wise, for FOSS tooling to be suitable for professional use in realms where a huge number of programmers spend their working days.

like a lot else in software, this is fundamentally an economic problem. we're unlikely get libre tooling that can compete with adobe until we have a good answer to making a living working on the stuff.

Helped my friend launch a brand new podcast focused on #education and #innovation, inspired by Ted Dintersmith's #MostLikelytoSucceed and #WhatSchoolCouldBe! Teachers and educators, check it out! #podcast #podcasting

Anyone really into Many people I follow are really into it, but I'm not sure I understand the draw. #microblog

My switch from macOS to Linux

Why did I switch, what I like about @gnome and a guide on how you can try Linux too

#linux #debian #gnome

Great news everyone. Thanks to previously mentioned infrastructure upgrades #peertube v2 update is now rolling out to hosted instances.

Please let me know if you experience any issues.

If you'd like to read more about changes in v2, you can read the following blog post: or something more technical:

Please note: Due to technical changes made by Peertube v2 there will be some federation incompatibilities with forwarded activities sent by PeerTube instances < v2.0.0, this is due to removal of some legacy code.

I'm on the way to Bolzano for the #SFScon. On Saturday I will share my thoughts regarding the shift we see in Free Software business models. Looking forward to two days full of Free Software. #fsfe #FreeSoftware

The big difference is that the consumers of package managers (i.e. developers) are empowered to build a decentralized solution. We're coders. We got this. I think entropic will take off.

I'm more concerned about the state of social media. Social media isn't like CPAN or RubyGems or npm – the muggles use it! Who is out there defending the muggles?

If federated social media is really going to be "the commons," then it has to be accessible to more than just geeks. We have to democratize it.

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@LeeteqXV I also noticed that there are too many automatically created timelines. I will add some quick way to (automatically) delete unused timelines... Did you notice that Manage Timelines table may be sorted by any column?
Thank you for willing to help. For the start you could look at what improvements we already discussed at

GNU/Social will support ActivityPub via my plugin before Mastodon and Pleroma deprecate OStatus.

I look forward to helping modernize the GS code base this summer 😄

#gnuSocial #activityPub #fediverse

@inditoot No, it won't be stable or v1.0 for a few months.

Still have a few big features to ship:

- Circles
- Collections
- Continuity
- Deck
- Direct (Messages)
- Lens
- MomentUI (v1)
- Real time updates
- Stories
- Video

Google warns that ADB backup and restore may be removed in a future Android release - I'm worrying Android is moving toward iOS lockdown and that was why I left iOS for Android...

RT @openstreetmap
We support the mission of the Open Source Initiative @OpenSourceOrg and we are happy to announce that the OpenStreetMap Foundation is now an OSI affiliate: #opensource #OSI

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What sets appart?

As a general instance, we are not centered on a specific theme, or a specific language. Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the few rules we have.

We always run the latest stable version of Mastodon, providing you a stock experience, with the following modifications:

  • 2048 character limit (not 500).
  • 512 character limits for the account's bio (not 160).
  • full column width (not fixed size).
  • more search results (20 instead of 5 per type of search).
  • Audio upload (not limited to videos only).
  • full text search of statuses (not restricted to searching tags and users).
  • trending tags are displayed on the main UI ( and a more complete view is available here)
  • boosts and replies are shown in the timelines (more complete view for everyone).
  • Your account is also a XMPP account (Federated Instant Messaging, take a look online to find a client and use your username and password to configure it, you can also use our online web client). Woohoo! two services in one!
  • We also have a very good view of the federation (our federated timeline gives you a more broad view of the Mastodon network than a 'normal' instance, there's a lot to read in a lot of languages).
  • We also host a Peertube instance for the convenience. Try it and let us know what you think !
  • In the same vein, we host a Funkwhale instance for the convenience. Try it and let us know what you think !
  • If you want to be on a more quiet, moderated instance, or use another AP implementation, we host a Pleroma instance for the convenience. This is the same fediverse as with Mastodon, but with a different default UI and way more optimized backend. Try and see which one you prefer !
  • Now if you want a different UI, the stock mastodon one does not please you, you can check Pinafore.
  • We do also host for the convenience a video Conference server ( Jitsi Meet )
  • We have a mastodon relay for other instances to bootstrap their timelines:

Although we are a medium+ sized instance, we'd like to keep the feeling that you are at home and safe here.