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healthcare system, rant 

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Hi! I was using my sinblr account but then I thought I can post nsfw pics here with properly CW!
Anyway, I'm 26, I'm a pysician and I'm interested in medicine, cats, office supplies e things in general👌
Be my friend :ablobcatrave:

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This one may have been partially inspired by @sophia’s lichen abstracts. The lichens around here aren’t nearly as pretty, but I hope the blossoms make up for it. 🌸

I went to an hambuger-place and now even my underwear smells of frying

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DC themed breakfast Cafe? Don't mind if I do!

There's batman, Spiderman. Where's duckman? Quack!


Even if it's not Friday, I've just found out this duck :ablobspin:
@ducky I love you

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I love cafes with bar seats that face big windows. Just looking at traffic and busy people passing by is a surpsingly pleasant and experience!

Cold coffee: terrible but at least it's coffee

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Note to self, make sure you have more printer ink for home and if not procure some asap.

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it's raining 

good morning 

selfie at work 

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Ahh spring, the trees are finally getting their leaves back, daffodils are growing and the lawnmowers are poking their heads out of their sheds to see if the season of hibernation is over

I'm sick and twisted and I'm not gonna take it anynore

I've just sown my first !!
Wish me luck!!!

And if someone has some advice, let me knowwwww thankssssss :blobaww: 🙇‍♀️

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