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Good morning beautiful faces 💖

📷: Some of the bridges over Oaks Bottom Lake in Portland.

Good morning beautiful faces 🥰

📷: I was in awe when I walked out of the Timberline Lodge and stumbled upon this gorgeous view.

Good morning beautiful faces 💜

📷: Portland has some quality fog 👌🏼

Good morning beautiful faces ✨

📷: Enjoying myself in the company of some amazing friends in Seattle—love you Chlo and Michelle 💜.

Good morning beautiful faces 🚜

📷: I’m spending the week at Barnhill Farm visiting my friend Michelle 💖.

Good morning beautiful faces ✨

📷: the ferry trip from Anacortes to Lopez Island is filled with beautiful sights.

Good night beautiful faces 😴

📷: Pioneer Courthouse in Portland, OR.

Good morning beautiful faces 💡

📷: The lighthouse on San Juan Island as seen from Lopez Island near Shark Reef.

Good morning beautiful faces 🥰

📷: Gorgeous sunset over Fisherman’s Bay on Lopez Island

Bonus photo, taken some eight minutes earlier (both straight out of the camera):

Good morning beautiful faces :blobcatheart:

📷: I got to enjoy this gorgeous sunset at Shark Reef yesterday. One thing I’ll never forget about Lopez Island is its gorgeous sunsets.

Good morning beautiful faces 🎄.

📷: Someone on Lopez Island has decorated a whole bunch of pine trees with lights 💖.

Good morning beautiful faces 🐏.

📷: Damn dude, those some magnificent horns 😯

Good morning beautiful faces 😘

📷: Post office under a pretty blossom tree on Lopez Island.

Good morning beautiful faces :trans_heart:

📷 : A small shed against a wall of trees on Lopez Island.

Good morning beautiful faces 😘

📷: I’ve always loved this photo—something about it is in balance. Took this in July of 2010 in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland.

Good morning beautiful faces 💖.

📷: I like trains. And this view from my hotel room in Stockholm, Sweden has quite a few!

Good morning beautiful faces 🥰.

📷: Lopez Island has so many different landscapes in such a tiny package.

Good morning beautiful faces 🌟

📷: this is part of the park just outside my house—such a lovely neighbourhood.

Good morning beautiful faces 😘.

📷: the trees outside my house are starting to grow leaves again. Pretty soon I’ll be surrounded by green and blue 💖.

Bonus selfie, I’m like princes Anna from Frozen when I wake up 😂

Good morning beautiful faces 🌷

📷: I love all these flowers the city seeds every year :fuchsia:.

Good morning beautiful faces 😍.

📷: love to run into random things like this around the city.

Good morning beautiful faces 💖.

📷: Because I took the wrong train I ended up at the airport 🤦🏻‍♀️. But it was a nice day and it’s always fun to see tourist do touristy thing with the big sign.

Good morning beautiful faces 👸🏻.

📷: this is such a pretty spot—even with the waters murky from King’s Day festivities on Saturday.

Good morning beautiful faces 🌼.

📷: Sometimes I wish I was a flower just enjoying the sun.

Good morning beautiful faces 🗺.

📷: Lopez Island is such a lovely place to be—I miss it and my friends there. I’ll see them again next year 🌟.

Good morning beautiful faces 🚄.

📷: from the peace and quiet on Lopez Island to the flurry of traffic signs and railway crossings in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Good morning beautiful faces ⛵️.

📷: Lopez Island, for all your calmness needs.

Good morning beautiful faces 🎀.

📷: neon lights and water are such a great combo, Irvine, CA, USA.

Good morning beautiful faces :fuchsia:

📷: sometimes it amazes me that we still have these old buildings around—a piece of history, right there 🌟.


@moiety When I was on my honeymoon in Italy, I was chatting w our tour guide. She was asking me about my hometown, which was Charleston, SC at the time. I was all, omg, it’s the most beautiful city & it has all these really really old buildings! Because for a moment I forgot we were in Italy where structures that are THOUSANDS of years old are commonplace. Whereas in the US, anything that’s been around more than, say, 150 yrs is OLLLD. 😂

@moiety She gave me the nicest side-eye I’ve ever gotten. LOL

@moiety Your pic is really, really lovely, btw. Where is that? (You don’t have to disclose, if you don’t want to. ❤️)

@moiety oh my word, that is so gorgeous. Also: you are a marvelous photographer! These shots are spectacular.

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