And i toot goat pics! Damn right I'm . Yet 2nd Amendment Gun right advocate!

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If your then dream on because I've been there done that but don't expect me to follow back because I'm not interested in rants. I am a which makes me a . Long live the Republic (not fake Democracy). But i toot about world affairs from a broad perspective. I have been to North Korea and have many friends abroad. I even talk to terrorists. So ya i know what makes them tick. Domestic and Foreign so follow me for insight into Open Source Intel .

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If you are a or then do follow me. But if your into bashing then don't follow me cause I'm not into public brawls with when more important issues like the gestopo destroying needs our attention. Likewise if all you toot is pro\anti Obama - Trump then I won't follow you back, cause I'm not interested in politics. I was kicked off of Facebook cause Zuckerberg thinks posts should be politically correct- i called Syrian "rebels" "animals", so i got . I was a political prisoner held by the gestapo 2 years denied a trial and tortured for armed stand off (longest in FBI history). Hey I'm militia.

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About Me: i toot photos. If you like goats follow me! But mostly i toot news. If you track Open Source Intelligence following me is a must! From time to time i will even teach . If your a Patriot or Militia then hey hey hey why haven't you already followed me? However i am not right wing and do not tolerate racism. I am pro and anti .

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