Hello all! Happy New Year with good health above all!

Hey guys, do you have any ideas how can i use an old desktop PC which i loaded Linux Mint on and have some upload bandwith to spare?

Also, for those you enjoy some very old music check this radio station out. They sound relaxing and peacfull:


From their bio:
Byzantine music consisted of songs and hymns composed to Greek texts used for courtly ceremonials, during festivals, or as paraliturgical and liturgical music. The ecclesiastical forms of Byzantine music are the best known forms today.

Hey guys, anyone knows ways of publishing but staying anonymous?Eg, hosting options etc. Newbie questions here 😋

Ok so...another major leak regarding tax evasion tactics by the rich..Is it going to change anything??

The funniest part of the whole #Catalonia #referendum affair? An unelected official (the Spanish king) saying the vote was un-democratic.

W3C approves DRM, votes kept secret.

... and I was the only journalist asking questions at the Press Conference.


*UPDATE* Librem 5 – A Security and Privacy Focused Phone

The campaign has reached $200,000!!

"The phone campaign is off to a great start! We have recently crossed the $200,000 milestone shortly after the beginning of the campaign. Crowdfunding is always a matter of shared interest and momentum, which often leads to interesting situations...From discussing with supporters, it seems many have been waiting to see if the campaign is going to get to 100% before committing, which is probably a communication mistake on our part, as the campaign is a no-risk, all-or-nothing campaign: if you back the campaign using a credit card, we only pre-authorize your card; we will not (and cannot) charge your card until we cross the goal. Which means, you get to show your support early and get all the other "wait-and-see" folks to pile on! Feel free to back this campaign now (and pay later). Be the change you want to see!"

puri.sm/shop/librem-5/ mastodon.host/media/5JynzQWZTs

Got a question for you guys...Can I be using my current login details-username etc, for GNU social? I'm a bit confused...

Got a question for you guys...Can I be using my current login details-username etc, for GNU social? I'm a bit confused...

Fediverse! I would like your help! A dear friend of mine is looking to name her company! She is a civil engineer and into the design of buildings (new or existing after refurbishment) and systems with near zero energy consumption. If you are good with names, please please toot me back with any ideas and boost this message if you can! Many many thanks!

Been transferring more and more of my domains over to Njal.la.

Not because I have anything to hide, but it really is no marketer's business which domains I own and what my mailing address is.

Plus, they support DNSSEC.

So there's that, too. :-)

And I can pay with bitcoins.

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