Hey guys, do you have any ideas how can i use an old desktop PC which i loaded Linux Mint on and have some upload bandwith to spare?

@WeAreAllOne Help us #Linux people out by live streaming stuff to Twitch? Spread the word? It's insane how many people on there have no clue what Linux is.

@TheOuterLinux @WeAreAllOne Can you share your thoughts to a long-time linux user (we're speaking decades here) - how does live-streaming stuff to Twitch helps out? What specific things would you see streamed? If it's just random stuff, then it's brute force, probably not much use. But if you have a very specific thing/things to stream in mind, I'd love to hear about this.

@zladuric @WeAreAllOne The point is peer pressure. I'm convinced that's what we are going to have to do to get young people over. It doesn't have to be games; it could be anything. They even have a section for programmers. I don't have the "best tool for the job" mentality like other people do and I would be perfectly happy seeing others miserable because they can't play Fortnight if I can wake up to a world of FOSS and privacy. is my channel. Lately, I've been doing art.

@TheOuterLinux @WeAreAllOne sounds pragmatic. A bit brute-forcish, but doesn't cost much more (except a bit of convenience, maybe), and it will score a few points I guess.

@zladuric @TheOuterLinux
Thanks for you replies. TBH I was thinking something like torrent sharing (which I'm already doing), maybe an online radio streaming (still trying to find the best software solution to this) etc....Still open to suggestions 😀

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