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If had fallen asleep in 2001 and woke up now...

Google owns a monopoly on browsers.

Microsoft owns a defacto monopoly on the servers where almost all of FOSS is located and development is done.

Micosoft's IDE is also what all the Kool Kids are using and is rapidly taking over.

ISP's are a monopoly in most locations in the USA: Comcast, AT&T, and a few others, but many places have just one (1) choice. South Korea (and indeed much of the world) has far better residential and mobile internet connectivity than the USA.

Almost all the servers on the internet are running Linux.... but owned by Amazon, Inc. and rented to people on an hourly basis.

All the personal devices are running either Linux or FreeBSD, but owned and closed down by Apple or Google and cellular carriers.

One of the most dominant languages is JavaScript. Some of other most dominant languages are owned by Google, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Steve Jobs is dead, Bill Gates is retired, and RMS has been run out of town on a rail for being a creep.

Endless September has been extended to a large portion of the world, who is all online and trolling each other relentlessly on massive privately-owned walled-garden fora owned by corporations. Elections have been turned by desinformatsaya purposely spread via these fora and there's no way to stop it.
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@dino @NGIZero
Great news! Dino + Conversations + jitsi compatible video calls = dream comes true!!

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@orrery technology cannot solve problems that are not technical in nature

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Amazon really, really wants me to use Amazon Pay on the web site where I sell ebooks directly to my readers.

Why would I *possibly* grant one of my competitors access to my company's proprietary sales data?

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To print is to crush

print (n.)
c. 1300, "impression, mark" (as by a stamp or seal), from Old French preinte "impression," noun use of fem. past participle of preindre "to press, crush," altered from prembre, from Latin premere "to press, hold fast, cover, crowd, compress" (from PIE root *per- (4) "to strike"). The Old French word also was borrowed into Middle Dutch (prente, Dutch prent) and other Germanic languages.


Verb tense from the noun.


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@meka Actually, I've run small businesses for 20 years & #copyleft software has always been my preference. For 14 years, I ran a bespoke dev shop, where we developed 100% #FOSS - #copyleft where-ever the upstream wasn't some other #FOSS license.

The idea copyleft is "anti-business" is based on deeply flawed conventional wisdom. It's pro-user, not anti-business. I'm confident natural selection will favour bizzes who understand that.

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for the past three or four years I've kept seeing "cool new browsers" pop up that all had one thing in common: they always used webkit as their rendering engine. so I was always like "oh, I would like to use this, but I don't like the idea of a browser monoculture so I'm going to stick with a non-google browser"

well... today we found out that the idea of a non-google browser might be a thing of the past.

the tiny silver lining is maybe I could try one of those ones I skipped out on now.

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БГ: От деня
EN: Daily

1) crookedtimber.org/2020/08/11/i
"По-просто обяснение е, че основните нефинансови активи управлявани от тези фирми е монополно положение в резултат от мрежов ефект, интелектуална собстеност, контрол над природни ресурси и доброто старо хищническо поведение
"A simpler explanation is that the main intangible asset held by these companies is monopoly power, arising from network effects, intellectual property, control over natural resources and good old-fashioned predatory conduct."
2) habr.com/ru/company/cognitivep
Жътва на жито от комбайни с автопилот
Combine harvester with autonomous update
3) moonofalabama.org/2020/08/west
Няма извинение за СМИ грешно да твърдят, че Русия е одобрила ваксината за ползване. Уебсайтът подробно обяснява на 7 (седем) езика, че трета фаза на клиничните изпитания ПРЕДСТОИ.
There is no excuse for the media to wrongly claim that Russia has approved a ready to go vaccine. The Sputnik Vaccine website explains in seven languages that the third trial phase of the clinical trials is still to come.
4) sciencemag.org/news/2020/08/do
Имаме още много да учим за Природата и нейните възможности
We have a lot to learn about the Nature and its ways
5) sciencemag.org/news/2020/08/it
4/5 от пчелите взети от най-замърсените райони умират в рамките на ден след взимането - 2 пъти повече от незамърсен район. Отделно покритите с отровен прах пчели опрашвали наполовина по-малко цветя.
Four out of five bees collected from the most polluted areas died within 1 day of collection—twice as many as those collected from the campus areas. In addition, bees covered in toxic dust visited flowers only half as many times as their campus cousins, potentially reducing the chances of successful pollination.

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#kotorico #cat

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As several people asked -- yes, Delta Chat works in Belarusia even if Signal, Whatsapp etc. suffer blockings. Several people in the DC community are looking into helping things. If you want to help get in touch, and/or maybe contribute to opencollective.com/delta-chat

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Удалённо эксплуатируемая уязвимость в серверных материнских платах Intel,

Компания Intel сообщила об устранении 22 уявзимостей в прошивках своих серверных материнских плат, серверных систем и вычислительных модулей. Три уязвимости, одной из которых которых присвоен критический уровень, (CVE-2020-8708 - CVSS 9.6, CVE-2020-8707 - CVSS 8.3, CVE-2020-8706) проявляется в прошивке BMC-контроллера Emulex Pilot 3, применяемого в продуктах Intel. Уязвимости позволяют без аутентификации получить доступ к консоли удалённого управления (KVM), обойти аутентификацию при эмуляции USB-устройств хранения и вызвать удалённое переполнение буфера в применяемом в BMC варианте ядра Linux.


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And yes, it will always happen: people see business opportunities and jump in, and with venture capital it is possible to put-organize us, again and again. Welcome to capitalism. But there’s hope: the grim reaper that cuts down enterprises in a pandemic, in an economic crisis. When profits are gone, we’re still there. Gopher is still there. RSS is still there. Plan 9 is still there. Emacs is still there. (Vim, too.) Forth is still there. Email is still there.

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The elephant’s huge ears are used to radiate excess heat away from the body. They have blood vessels close to the skin surface, that carry air, cooled when the elephant flaps its ears, to the main bloodstream.


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