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What it's like to ride a bicycle in too many cities.
Suddenly the path just stops.
What if drivers experienced that?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/urbanthoughts11/st

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Haven't done this in a while but here it goes: #retrocomputing quiz time!

What's the most sought-after keyboard switch in this picture, and why?

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Tadataka Unno, a Rising Jazz Pianist, has His N.Y.C. Dreams Shattered

... “I thought that this was how I was going to die,” he recalled two weeks later, describing the attack in a written note because it was still painful to talk about it. He did not know how many in the group had hit him. They fractured his right collarbone, injured his arm and bruised him all over. After surgery for the broken bones, he was not sure whether he will ever be able to play the piano again. He has been unable to use his right hand at all, and said he is learning to do everything with his left hand. ...


#jazz #crime #nyc #assault #japan #TadatakaUnno

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"Whoever registered the company name with valid XSS injection and caused Gov UK Companies House to sent this email: I will buy you a drink"

H/T @Petzlux (anonimized, added OCR alt)

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Ура, я доделал.

Или мои впечатления от федивёрса за всё то время, пока я здесь нахожусь.


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French cartoonist and free software activist David Revoy @davidrevoy, who created our gorgeous 35th anniversary designs, has released his adorable Pepper & Carrot comics in print, in English! Read more at his blog: u.fsf.org/365

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Reminder that FedEx "SmartPost" and UPS "Mail Innovations" are private companies using the ubiquitous delivery of the United States Post Office for handling their last-mile deliveries.

In other words, it's not cost-effective enough for them to send a truck to deliver your package so their "Smart" and "Innovative" way of handling this is to make it the post office's problem.

Whenever someone says that the Post Office isn't efficient please remind them of these "Smart" "Innovations"

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Thanks to @debian for their $10,000 contribution to the #roadmap to #PeerTube v3! <3 <3 <3

With this great recognition from the Debian Project, the €60,000 to fund live in PeerTube are almost reached. To contribute: joinpeertube.org/roadmap/

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#DIY #upcycling

I made a pen loop for my pocket bullet journal out of some left over elastic band stapled onto a piece of an old plastic card. The original cardboard version didn't survive the encounter with our two year old daughter... 😄

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#terminal #workout #plaintext

shwt - a shell workout timer

shwt is a simple workout timer, that can be configured by a simple plain text file with one step of the workout per line.


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"All cities must address decades or even centuries-old legacies of inequity in planning. In many cities, for example, the best bike route to connect tourist or recreational attractions is not always the best one to help get workers to their jobs"


🐦🔗: twitter.com/CascadeBicycle/sta

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Have you ever used search.social to search the fediverse?

#Poll #FediPoll

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"The secret to our success was treating cycling like a system of transportation — building an entire network of connected lanes, instead of a few disconnected lanes year after year." usa.streetsblog.org/2020/10/13

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CicLAvia/status/13

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