@Niquarl both #Liberapay & #patreon are #privacy-abusing #CloudFlare sites. And worse, CF is a centralized #netneutrality abuser which undermines the decentralization #Lemmy hopes to achieve. I would not donate until they move off @Liberapay & Patreon.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Please stop spamming us and our users with unsubstantiated accusations against Cloudflare. It's annoying and you're not convincing anyone.


@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Your first link confirms that your claims aren't substantiated: “This is not, of course, evidence or proof.”

Your other links aren't any better. Two of them are from 2016 and are at least partially obsolete.


@Liberapay @Niquarl I never made the claim that the US gov. has #CloudFlare's view of the data, so I have no need to substantiate the US role. My claim that CF centralizes the web is well-substantiated in those articles. What does CF do differently after 2016 that you believe supports decentralization & #netneutrality?

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo You claimed that CF violates privacy, but you haven't provided any evidence that they're collecting and sharing private data.

Net neutrality isn't very relevant since CF isn't a consumer ISP. You haven't explained how CF “works against” net neutrality.

Complaining that CF “centralizes” the web is basically the same as complaining that they're doing their job too well and have too many customers.


@Liberapay @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @Niquarl Just popping in to say that CF is definitely awful in terms of affecting the internet negatively.

I am with @Lofenyy also. The power that we have given to a single provider is quite scary.


@selea @Lofenyy Again: how so? What are you worried Cloudflare will do?


It is not necessary what they do, but what could someone with the power do?
What happends if someone else took the decision to do something malicious?
Giving power to one provider is dangerous.

> Complaining that CF “centralizes” the web is basically the same as complaining that they're doing their job too well and have too many customers.

So can that argument be applied to Facebook aswell? Or Patreon?


Another argument against this level of centralisation is one that should be obvious but tons of people don't think about it. What about when CF goes down? There have been multiple instances of this and half of the internet suffers for it. Relying on different providers for different services ensures that issues with one won't affect others.
@Liberapay @Lofenyy @wowaname

@amolith @selea @Liberapay @wowaname@anime.website To add to these, there's already the use of captcha, which is hostile to users trying to browse anonymously. There's the fact that they're the default dns over http provider, which gives them disgusting powers in terms of the ability to spy on, control and censor the sites that users visit. There are more, but I'm drawing a blank right now.


@Lofenyy @amolith @selea @Liberapay Also the biggest problem with Cloudflare is not addressed: they SEE ALL of the DECRYPTED TRAFFIC. They are MITM all seeing proxy with logging:
Do you control the encryption keys?
Do you run a diffs between the contents of your site and the Cloudflare's served one?
Do you regularly audit their physical infrastructure for security: who, when accessed what?

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