Just published: Z5 Paradigm Framework

With Z5, we took a minimalist approach, including only the key text from what was published in 2017 as "Z3 Paradigm Framework, part 2" (with one sentence edited in 2018).

Our aim is not to deprecate any of the zhergish ideas that are omitted from Z5. Our aim is to offer a short alternative version, which may prove more salient in some situations.


Introducing the Z4 Paradigm Framework! An alternative version containing the first three of the four Z3 components.

Do you agree that Zherg1.0, Zherg2, and especially the Z3 Paradigm Framework are good models with which to build our lives? There's probably a Z4 in the works somewhere. Would you give any suggestions or recommendations with regard to paradigm frameworks or paradigm framework formulation? zherg.net

It's been brought to our attention that heart+infinity symbols have been used to signify polyamory. It may be worth mentioning that we were unfamiliar with this fact when we included this symbol in Z3. We're simply referring to valuing/loving everyone - an ethic that can be embraced regardless of whether one practices celibacy, monogamy, or polyamory. zherg.net

We've modified a sentence in Z3, part 2: "We make it a major mission in life to extend compassion/consideration/concern to everyone, caring about and caring for all who exist." zhergish.wixsite.com/zherg/sin

We've added a paragraph to Z3, part 3 (zhergish.wixsite.com/zherg/sin):

"The shape of the pyramid, and the location of the eye near the top, are suggestive of the systematic ways in which "elite" minorities have maintained their status. We're using the pyramid as a metaphor for an even broader phenomenon - any forcible domination or subjugation, anyone using violence or threat of violence against anyone else. Systematic political elitism has been a major form of this phenomenon, but we're proposing to do away with all violence, including violence against those with heretofore elite status."

We've edited the final sentence of Z3, part 4, replacing "As more and more people do it" with "As people do it more and more" -- the transition isn't only a matter of discrete instances of people "joining" -- it's a matter of each of us repeatedly, habitually, increasingly embodying these more optimal patterns.

We're celebrating nine months since the Zherg project was publicly launched. In these nine months of noospheric gestation, Zherg has received significant positive feedback. The small amount of substantive negative feedback has led to productive conversations that have validated and reinforced the zhergish message. These nine months thus affirm that Zherg is ready to begin the next phase of its life. Thanks, everyone. zhergish.wixsite.com/zherg

2 sentences added to Z3, part 3:

"We'll respect each other's integrity and autonomy. We'll make particularly sure that more intimate experiences, such as sexual and psychedelic experiences, occur only with the informed and enthusiastic participation of everyone concerned."


We've made a change to the text of Z3, part 3, from

"we could use a mushroom in place of the eye, in recognition of the profound but heretofore underappreciated and underutilized value of psychedelics as sources of wisdom."


"we could use an ear or a brain in place of the eye, or we could use a mushroom, in recognition of the profound value of psychedelics and mycelial networks as conduits for information and other resources."

The image of the eye in the triangle in Z3 (part 3) comes from the book Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson.

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