Today I'm defensively coding for the year 2062 bug - a.k.a nanoseconds since epoch.

Commits in a merge request should tell the story of how you'd make the change the second time, armed with all the knowlege you gained from doing them the first time.

The story should explain how to get from here to there in the best possible way, not how explorers accidentally found a new contintent while looking for a shorter way to India.


Das T-Shirt von mit dem Design von und ist schon da! Richtig geil! :3



It is hard to believe, but on the 18th June 2020 Linaro celebrates its 10th Anniversary. David Rusling (CTO at Linaro) takes a look back at how Linaro came to be and also how the company has moved forward throughout the years. Click for the full article.

🐦🔗: has become a time machine!
It now allows to explore the code of most Linux releases since the beginning (except a few that were apparently lost). Thanks to Arnd Bergmann for the suggestion!

RT Compared to the state of affairs with, I am currently very happy with the public statement by Let's see how successful we have to make before will publish a similar statement.


TIL there are 64-bit ARC processors

There is also 64-bit microblaze since last years, so it seems that every ISA that Linux runs on now has a 64-bit variant, or is effectively discontinued:

- nds32, csky, nios2, openrisc are still alive but are getting replaced by riscv64

- xtensa, sh, c6x, hexagon, m68k and h8300 hang around as DSP or microcontrollers but you wouldn't put Linux on them any more.

I suppose Hexagon will eventually grow to 64 bit as well.

I just finished building gcc-10.1 cross compilers for all the major architectures supported by the Linux kernel, and uploaded them to the usual location at
These should run on any x86_64/ppc64le/arm64 host and build all recent kernels, though they still produce some known compiler warnings.

#qemu has released 5.0. Notable inclusions include a whole slew of ARM v8.x updates including #VHE emulation support so you can test things like #SVE enabled #kvm. We also have our RST doc pipeline working:

We have updated our ready-to-use cross-compilation toolchains available at Now built with Buildroot 2020.02, they provide updated versions of gcc, binutils, gdb, glibc, uclibc-ng, musl and kernel headers, and are available for 38 different CPU architecture variants. See our blog post at

Oh good, "Why is Wednesday, November 17, 1858 the base time for OpenVMS (VAX VMS)?" to the rescue:…

> The original Julian Day (JD) is used by astronomers and expressed in days since noon January 1, 4713 B.C. This measure of time was introduced by Joseph Scaliger in the 16th century. It is named in honor of his father, Julius Caesar Scaliger

That explains why the Julian day is unrelated to the Julian calendar. I've been wondering about that too!

> [The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO)]‌ started tracking satellites with [a . . . ]‌ 36-bit IBM [R]704 computer in 1957, when Sputnik was launched. The Julian day was 2,435,839 on January 1, 1957. This is 11,225,377 in octal notation, which was too big to fit into an 18-bit field (half of the IBM standard 36-bit word).

11000000 octal is 2359296 decimal, so they lopped off 2400000 days to make it fit, and then another half day to align it to the common calendar (Julian days start at noon because astronomy traditionally happens at night).
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speaking of, everyone enjoy this extremely helpful and beautiful map of europe! The real news is not that the new PM is a young woman - but that the old PM was booted for relatively minor lies. How does your society tolerate lying politicians?

The recent #amazon #graviton announcement adds a bit more context to their hiring spree (as noticed by people name badges changing company at conferences). More #arm chips for the cloud!

Am I reading this right that there is a y2030 problem in openntpd?

* XXX workaround: time_t / tv_sec must never wrap.
* around 2020 we will need a solution (64bit time_t / tv_sec).
* consider every answer with a timestamp beyond january 2030 bogus.
if (T2 > JAN_2030 || T3 > JAN_2030) {
set_next(p, error_interval());
return (0);

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