wow, i didnt realize i've been bouncing my leg for hours and now i have a cramp. damn

i am a big bundle of buzzing anxiety and i want to explode

"it's invasive to hear someone say something terrible and beautiful about you all at once"

oh, the header is from the lovely anime, doukyuusei, and the profile picture is by pranitart from walli titled, "grumpy"

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a short babble by a tiny human with only 3 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. :ablobwobble: back to public twitter for more political rants

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dont mistake me: i do care about insects, but i will never fuck around with cockroaches and flies. i WILL exterminate them at sight.

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not only did he betray his district, he betrayed the whole fucking country by staying silent. fuck this coward. fuck the 70 representatives who said "no".

on a congressman who inhibited himself from voting in the abs-cbn franchise renewal.

yo just discovered that banana peels can function as a stylus. cool cool cool cool cool

to those i've sent follow requests and have went to my timeline to check me out: hi, im new. i just want to colour my local timeline with more interesting stuff and i think your content is cool. keep on rocking, my dudes

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