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A Nigerian politician brought out a gun and fired at protesters. If you didn’t see the video below, you wouldn’t believe it.


Let’s get our language right, folks. Nigeria did not fail the dead. The Nigerian government murdered them.


My father,, is 94. He has never made a political video. Until now.


As in previous cases documented by Amnesty International, some of those killed and injured at both grounds were allegedly taken away by the military.


These shootings clearly amount to extrajudicial executions. There must be an immediate investigation and suspected perpetrators must be held accountable through fair trials. Authorities must ensure access to justice and effective remedies for the victims and their families.


He tweeted this 3hours ago.
He’s dead now.

Nigeria indeed ended him.
My eyes are dry from too much tears.


If you come across this on your timeline please RETWEET... May every lost soul in this battle for our fundamental human right, rest in peace!!


"Une enquΓͺte sur le terrain d'Amnesty International a confirmΓ© que l'armΓ©e nigΓ©riane et la police ont tuΓ© au moins 12 manifestants pacifiques hier dans deux rassemblements Γ  Lagos", Γ©crit l'ONG dans un communiquΓ© envoyΓ© Γ  l'


This is not the 80s. This is not the 90s. We have social media now. Everything you do, someone will see. And if one person sees it, we will all see it.

:_candle: :_candle: :_candle: Help Needed, Please :_candle: :_candle: :_candle:
:mastodon: & the Fediverse, please boost!

Situation is tense now in . Please help Ruth.


OK, this is something I've never done, but have no choice: I need to help a very good friend of mine, Ruth, in Nigeria (I live in Benin), but I can't at the moment. (and no she's not a scammer!) (and yes there are protests at the moment fighting against police brutality see hashtag on various networks)

Ruth needs 250€/270$ to be able to pay her rent for 1 year.
She has a job, but due to Covid, her company just pays half the salary because she works at home! (I know, I know...) :thinkingcat:

Her side gig (selling clothes) didn't work that well either due to confinement and so on, but at least she managed to get half the amount, and is looking for the other half before November 1st.
I helped her as much as I could since April, for food, health and to get a passport so that she can move away if she wants. But I don't have any € anymore in France and not enough at the moment to send from where I live (struggling too...).
I built her an eshop to help sell in her country :

Any amount will help her feel better, as she's really anxious: if she loses her place, she might probably lose her job too and so on...

It's not easy to send her money, but I managed to create a Payoneer account or I can get the money on my accound in France and send it back to her in 2/3 days. DM me for details.

Thank You for any help You can provide.


Ata Ndele Mokili Ekobaluka
TΓ΄t ou tard le monde changera
Sooner or later the world will change

Artist: Monsengo Shula - 2014

This is in since last night. Armed force shot and killed peaceful protesters
They're still shooting in various cities and killing people.

There are many videos documenting what's happening, over @ BirdSite on the 1st hashtag. Beware, some are really


Nigerian Government has unlocked the point of no return!

This is Okigwe Road, Aba.

The people angry and rightfully so!

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