Have I shared this here? I did a Q&A with plaintext.online a while ago, about how I use plain text.


‪Trying to buckle down and learn Python. Tried Automate the Boring Stuff, and the line numbers are "Dingbat negative sans serif" numbers. And my screen reader says that, and brailles the hex value, every single time. Devs should be required to listen to what they write.

I guess I’ll try Dive Into Python 3 or something. Something up-to-date could branch into making games or something.

In light of Twitter's newest shitty move, I just want to share that June will mark 2 years since I was stalked and harassed on their platform (and off!) with no action taken by them, despite direct posts threatening to doxx me.

I have been on Masto ever since. It's obviously not flawless, but there are people who care to make it a better and safe place and for that I am appreciative. This place is the support group I don't have irl and I thank you all 💕

So, a bit more on that: for most Markdown apps, VoiceOver doesn't really know what it's supposed to say when encountering Markdown, but Ulysses has it say, when it encounters the link syntax (link start" and "link end", stuff like that. And, it has VoiceOver pause a bit between "star, italicized, star" markup, so that things aren't just thrown into your ears machine gun style. And, using VoiceOver's next and previous heading commands actually work, which is more that can be said for IA Writer and other apps, on the Mac.

Emacs can do a lot of that, well besides the "begin link" and "end link" stuff, but Markdown-Mode doesn't navigate by heading always, but just by item, so if you do C-C C-N, in a list, you go to the next list item, instead of the next heading. Maybe the [sync issues](brycewray.com/posts/2019/05/bo) will be too bothersome for me in Ulysses, but for now, accessibility beats anything else, and that's how it is for me usually with everything else too. It's why, even though the Mac has its many problems, I use it over Windows and Linux, for most things not gaming.

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Okay, I think I'm pretty sold on the Ulysses writing app. It uses Markdown, works amazingly with Voiceover on both iOS and Mac, and even freaking converts from DOCX to Markdown! I mean, Emacs is great, but shoot, this app is pretty amazing too!

‪Sometimes, "alternative" conservative media write headlines just as stupid as left. "Trump camp slaps Biden with "You ain't black" that-shirts." what's the Trump camp, and how exactly did they "slap" Biden? OkayDisrn,, that's lazy, sensationalist reporting, and I'm done with it.‬

I don't have the energy or time to deal with lazy reporting, from either side. I want facts, not some "Trump is god" guy creaming his pants while he writes about the blow by blow victory of his lord and savior. God knows neither party will save us, and no politician wants to actually help us, not unless they get billions for it as well. Let's see how KnowHear does hopefully they're better than this.

While AT is more than screen readers, I feel like some VoiceOver quirks could be added to this list.
Though we will know more when Firefox support for VO has made its promised improvements.
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What’s the assistive technology interoperability issue you wish was fixed? Comment and let us know, we’re collecting pain points. #GAAD2020

The Mediocre Programmer

This book is about helping you along on the journey of being a mediocre programmer. Together we'll uncover some of common misconceptions we have about programming, failure, and growth and come to understand that the act of programming and development is something we undertake each day and improve in small ways. It's these small changes that over time transform us from being mediocre programmers into better programmers.



periodic reminder that Signal has mandatory google play services in it which makes the whole thing completely useless

google can just read your messages after the app decrypts them. google is also part of PRISM

moxie has explicitly refused to make an f-droid build, which would mitigate this complete bypass of the e2ee security model by not including any untrusted google binaries. wonder why that is :thounking:

depressing thoughts, disability related 

On this , I ask that developers, artists, film creators, and writers make their content not only usable for the blind, but enjoyable and pleasant as well. For developers, try your programs or OS with a screen reader. Imagine if blind people could read and write in Markdown across the whole OS? Imagine how lively the OS would be if animations had sounds as well?

For writers, describe art in your books. see Arcanum Unbounded by Brandon Sanderson on Bookshare for a great example of that.

For artists, describe your art. Even if its just a meme, blind people would love to understand it. If you create films, consider having them described, so that blind people can enjoy them too. We want to enjoy the beauty that you create!

From Arcanum Unbounded, description of the Rosharan system:

[Image: The Rosharan System depicted by several concentric bands of space surrounding a single light blue star. Fourteen of the bands contain named objects. Starting from the innermost named object closest to the star and moving outward, they are:

* Ashyn--a small red sphere.
* Roshar--a small blue sphere with three tiny spheres named Salas, Nomon and Mishim in elliptical orbits.
* Braize--a small purple sphere.
* asteroid belt.
* Jes--a medium blue sphere.
* Nan--a medium purple sphere.
* Chach--a medium red sphere.
* Vev--a medium grey sphere.
* Palah--a medium green sphere.
* Shash--a medium red sphere.
* Betab--a medium aqua sphere.
* Kak--a medium purple sphere.
* Tanat--a medium orange sphere.
* Ishi--a medium golden sphere.]

accessibility tooling, design 

accessibility tooling, design 

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accessibility tooling, design 

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accessibility tooling, design 

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accessibility tooling, design 

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