@devinprater Those compound assignments exist in Python as well, but it doesn't have the increment/decrement operators. In Python you need to use: variable += 1

By the way my suspicion is it's not Apple selling voice data to Google. My guess is the problem comes from apps accessing the microphone surreptitiously. I actually think Apple knows app vendors are doing this and they are planning to out them in the next operating system update that will add a little light showing whenever an app is accessing the microphone. Like they did with outing those cache exploiters.

I think they know tightening up privacy can be a big attack on their major competitors.

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contrapoints has 12,369 patrons. her lowest tier is 2 dollars.

12,369 * 2 * 12 = 296,856

at the absolute minimum (before taxes or fees), contrapoints makes almost three hundred thousand fucking dollars a year

if you want to give money to a trans person, give it to someone else
if you're already giving her money, stop, and give it to another trans person

i promise, she won't miss it

Eek! They're throwing small wrenches in my flow here! Just going through and mechanically replacing * with *=... and the test didn't pass! Well, just like with the += one, they changed B to be something like:

9 = b;

Yeah, had to switch that around. I love it though! It makes me think more, and watch what I'm doing more closely.

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Oh cool, you can compound assignment and math operations. +=, -=, probably *= and /= too. Seems like there are some shortcuts compared to Python.

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in case u were wondering, yes, i am only reaching twitch affiliate so i can sneak into the twitch streamer rooms at cons and steal their free food

I'm gonna be 😭, 😭, when Wordpress finally kills their classic editor, because I'm really not liking these #Accessibility issues. This looks like a nightmare! github.com/WordPress/gutenberg #a11y

@zaclittleberry also, I'm slightly panicking because, eventually, WP . com will retire their Classic editor, the one with static columns and a big beautiful text area I can write Markdown in and force me to use this awful POS. I don't like it because it's new. I don't like it because it is slow, and clunky, and, well, just look at these issues. github.com/WordPress/gutenberg

People should be held morally responsible for what they say, which means they can't be given a get-out-of-jail-free card by claiming it's a joke. When you make a joke about something, you're still saying something about that thing. Most of the time what you're saying is utterly inconsequential, but sometimes it isn't. In any case, nothing is ever "just a joke" because every joke is a also a statement.

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Then there's the idea that irony is always bad, an idea that I have seen leftists occasionally throw around. This is also ridiculous. In Western culture, the first great ironist was Socrates, who over the course of the Socratic Dialogues, playfully espouses different ideas before dismissing them. Ironic thinking is essential to our continued becoming as people. You can renounce irony but you can't ever be rid of it (how ironic).

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More FreeCodeCamp/Javascript thoughts:

They have me do math to figure out what they want, have this make the quotient that. Well, it definitely makes me feel more involved.

Oh neat, incrementing is easy.


And it's right! Yay! It took me a minute, comparing the example, with the longer way of doing it, and shortening, but that's really cool. I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere, unlike with Python books, or the Swift Playgrounds app where I spent much of my time trying to visualize the game world.

Does anyone know of an iPhone app that'll open .ini files?

My problem with psychologists in a nutshell:

Me: "I am scared that people could think of me as an autist, I really resent people when I feel like they think of me like that, it feels so shallow and judgemental just because I am kinda speaking in a different way than other people"
Psychologist: *secretly does an autism test on me that OF COURSE says that I am NOT autistic as I could have told them in the beginning if they asked me*
Me: Thank you for nothing, now I resent you for it, because it feels really shallow what you did

i could use some kind words right now if you have them

I'm happy that I finally managed to pin down why consensus and majority decision making are so at odds:

Consensus requires good fate, flexible positions, really listening to minority voices and being able to settle for a less than perfect option because you recognize the needs of other people.

Majority decision making cultivates competition, only listening to large groups with a lot of voting power, encouraging faithfulness to a fixed position to build a majority. Basically the opposite.

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