Hey there fediverse. the US has just banned wechat, the chinese instant messaging app.

I'm currently preparing, in case canada does the same, and looking for mobile alternatives (must be mobile).

Currently, the #element client (version 1.0.3) for #matrix on f-droid crashes when you tap the add-people-to-a-private-room button, you can't search users by searching their ID, and you can't search for rooms. you can only add a person as a friend if you join a public room and private message them...

i hate this idea that software for developers is allowed to be not user-friendly because the people using it are smart

like shut the fuck up i'm just as clueless as anyone else

"polls are not markup. custom emojis are not markup. CWs are not markup. They're all just, uh, denoted by specific text sequences inside the plain text, which is definitely not what markup is"

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So, what do y'all think of System 76? I emailed them about accessibility, to see if they, an actual company with more cohesion than a loose project of people, can do more for accessibility. They do seem interested. They again, my cynical side, everyone says they'd be glad to work on accessibility, but few follow through. PopOS is running Gnome 3 though, with its inaccessible "Online accounts" section of the setup process, so I don't know. Why do I torture myself with Linux? Why do I keep bashing my head against the vaporous but rock-solid wall of Linux accessibility? I mean, I'm finding Windows better and better every day, mainly VS Code but Windows is becoming my daily driver. Yes it has issues, but they're very easy to deal with. And at least its setup process is accessible. I mean, I know, most FOSS folks wouldn't do the online accounts thing, but gosh darn it I want my computer to work for me, not the other way around. I don't have time to mess with, and mess up, config files or anything like that. I want to get stuff done, not assemble a working and accessible operating system.

Yet, Linux, and FOSS, call to me, and I just can't ingore it, Storming Linux!

I tried the first few lessons of Free Code Camp's Javascript course today. it was just around 15 minutes, but it was really good. I feel like I can retain the information better, since I could read it in braille, which is easy enough with any book, but the interactive part really helps, and is why I can at least do lists, all three types, in HTML.

It started with comments, then went on to variables. I found it weird doing

var cat

without giving it a value, but I soon was shown

var cat = 2

so that was relieving that it's not too much more than Python, and I'm sure VS Code would help me out a lot there. Oh crap, forgot the semicolons! That'll take some getting used to. Why is that needed? Isn't a newline enough? Ah well. I do like the idea of Javascript being literally everywhere, and not requiring an interpretor to be bundled with the app, and since it's everywhere I could even have apps running on iOS in Safari.

And, with the crap apple is pulling out of their apple-shaped butts these days, I'm happy to make apps web only. If blind people want to play my cool new audio game that I'll be done with in about over nine thousand years, they'll need to get out of the comfort of the walled garden, which has cracks now and the flowers don't smell too good; they smell more like Apple's crap (rotten apples), and use Safari. Of course, many blind people now are nearly robots; they're unable to go anywhere to report bugs except their own forum, all that as I've talked about before.

Every company should support their devices as long as Apple does.

Just turned off the stupid Meet button at the bottom of Gmail and it immediately turned itself back on with a "GUESS WHAT?! you can video chat in Gmail!!!1" pointing at the button that was gone for 30 seconds but is now back.

Long post 

@labellaragassa @devinprater agreed completely they had the nerve to make this pothetic video after an expert rightfully exposed them youtu.be/7cdce-UrPfI

Sorry Emacs folks, you won't like this post.

So, I've pretty much switched to VS code, besides Org-mode which has this amazing feature where you can have a list of checkbox items, and a heading with a percentage or decimal cookie, or both, and when you check or uncheck a box, those update automatically! I use it for grading because I'm afraid if I do manual math I'll get it wrong and break the world.

Besides that, VS Code is literal Investiture. Like, it is actually helpful, whereas Emacs is like using a manual tool, because it pretty much is. VS Code tries to be helpful for you, giving you recommended extensions, which of course you can disregard, and it's even a tad more accessible with many extensions, because Javascript and standards are actually really useful when it comes to accessibility, rather than Emacs where there's a thousand ways of doing one thing, and if one of those frameworks aren't accessible, which is up to the Emacspeak author or community and I don't know Javascript let alone Emacs Lisp, it's hard to use.

Take Language Tool for example, the best grammar checker I've found so far. With Emacs, I can use it, but some parts aren't very easy to use, and it's all very chunky. With VS Code, I just do F8, and it puts me right on the next error. Control + period, and there's the suggestions. And yes, when I do F8 it actually reads the info message about what's wrong with the line. It's quick and easy. And don't even get me started on Git!!! Like, with VS code, setting it up was easy, even for handling pull requests! But Emacs, I don't have the time or energy to get that all set up with Magit-gh and all that crap. VS Code makes it easy, and enjoyable, to use Git. Now, there are times where I push and I'm like "okay, did it work?" because no confirmation message pops up. But, I guess no news is good news.

So, if anyone finds a replacement for Org-mode, let me know. That's all I use Emacs for now. I just love being able to export a subtree instead of needing to have everything in multiple files.

One of my favourite things to challenge when talking politics with people is the idea that we live in a democratic society. Sure we vote occasionally, but do you vote for your landlord? Your boss? The cops on your block? These are the people that hold power over you.

Things in pattern libraries / frameworks that give me the heebie-jeebies:

<div> with tabindex=0, no role, and aria-hidden=true.

Also not a fan of how it throws focus onto the button in this example.

#accessiBe is a disgrace for the industry. #AI can never, ever replace manual tests and manual problemsolving.

You just find a way to mask the problems, you don't solve them. Quite unethical to earn money with that.

I think Google should save everyone a lot of time and effort and jump straight to discontinuing new services:

"We are proud to announce that Google Kitchen Tools will no longer be available on Sep 1st 2020, nor has it ever been available. Should you wish to export your Google Kitchen Tools data, you should be aware that there is no data, as Google Kitchen Tools has never existed.

The Google Kitchen Tools Team"

Okay y'all I'm Shattered like Adonalsium so just a quick update: community member fixed up what a MAC address is, and guides written by community for Pokemon Black and White, and Platinum!


fun things to research sometimes
for example, consider:
how do you think a global pandemic might affect soda supply?
you'd have no idea, right?
well let me explain

soda is made with CO2 (no shit)
CO2 is commonly made as a byproduct of ethanol, and then sold on that basis
ethanol is usually gotten from gasoline
gasoline demand is low because people are staying inside
less gasoline -> less ethanol -> less CO2
the soda industry LITERALLY ran out of fizz
(also soda demand is up, because people are staying at home)

fun fact: this also affects the beer and packaged meat industry, for the same reason

this kinda stuff isn't long enough to explain for a full article, but I think it's fun to look at how efficient/centralized systems with a high focus on logistics (i.e what we have) have pretty bad resiliency to even slight changes in I/O

the linux game is trying to only get problems that very few other people have ever had. if too many people have had the same problem, it's hell to look up a solution since 99% of the results are too basic and stuff you already know won't work in your case. if too few people have had the same problem, well there probably isn't a solution. so you must walk exactly on the line of rare problems

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