Good morning y'all. I feel a bit better today, last week was really difficult. But remember, all you have to do... is meow!

So, Grammarly doesn't even care about . That's okay. I don't care about them either. I use their service, and LanguageTool, through VS Code extensions. Thank Goodness for Markdown. Because that's what users do, use them big corporations like they use us.

So, Grammarly doesn't even care about . That's okay. I don't care about them either. I use their service, and LanguageTool, through VS Code extensions. Thank Goodness for Markdown. Because that's what users do, use them big corporations like they use us.

I had such a great dinner tonight! I had Chinese food: almond fried chicken, crab rangoon, and egg rolls. Now, instead of dragging me down so much, the emotional music I listen to comforts me, reminds me to look up, and be compassionate, and feel even more. Sometimes. It's not that I'm sad right now. It's just, a quiet, subdued kind of satisfaction. So that I do not become silly and stupid in my joy and thankfulness for the meal and the amazing situation of being alive, of having a job, of being okay when others are starving and someone I care deeply about has no income. It is so that I do not forget those who have been forgotten by everyone else. Oh God, those who have been forgotten! My tears are for them!

So, Microsoft PowerToys is an accessibility disaster. Well it was just a version ago, but I've given feedback and things are a little better. So I try the latest version today, and this:

This is a big issue, and yeah I was very frustrated when I wrote that. It's about as bad a design, maybe even worse than, some open source developers make. But even in Linux, there's never been a place that literally trapped almost every keyboard event! I mean, it's very obvious that no one on the PowerToys team, or no one with any influence over the code, has tried that tool with a screen reader. And this is my point:

If you know nothing about accessibility, try your software with a screen reader anyway. Everyone in accessibility knew nothing about it at some point. If you support marginalized communities, support people with disabilities *most of all*! We are the most marginalized community! If you want something new to get into, try loading up Narrator, NVDA, Orca, TalkBack, or VoiceOver with your app, and see what happens! See how it reads; how it responds, what it does! Play around with it! Because once it's released, once the bedrock of your app or program or package is done, and it has accessibility issues, it's going to be a *pain* to get them fixed. Don't be like Microsoft. Don't be like Apple with the Mac. Don't be like Gnome or Qt.

Plus, if you treat blind people well, we have the tendency to be very loyal users and promoters of your software! Look at Retroarch! Many blind people now use that, and it's only been almost a year since Retroarch was made accessible! You can have that level of a user base too, if you just _do the work_! Consider accessibility! Don't wait for version 1! Play around, have fun, and yes, involve users, but try yourself first! The most important step a person can take is the next one!

Besides, you don't wanna be on the same level as Apple's Mac, or Microsoft PowerToys, do you? Show them big bad corporations that accessibility *does* matter to as well!

Today, I managed to complete another Python Project, time dealing functions! Maybe, maybe, I the potential to a real developer!

Long post 

I love this music. This music that digs into my feelings and pulls them all out. Or pushes them in further. I can't really tell. Or maybe it pulls them out and they're just stuck on the surface of my mind and I don't know how to get them in the trash so they just sit there. Ah well. I do feel a little more alive after all this. The music, that makes me feel things, more than frustration and the ever-present loneliness, and the feeling that no one could ever know the depths of me. I know, it's not true. I have people around me who care, and people online who care. I just have to remember that.

Full release notes:

* Finally: A picker for custom emoji! Check the toolbar above the keyboard while writing a toot!
* Fixed a crash when trying to edit the description of a photo posted from the sharing extension.
* Conversation bubbles are now correctly closed when opening a direct message from a notification.
* Added a settings flag to give all posts from bot accounts a content warning automatically.
* Fixed a layout bug when clicking on a toot.
* Lots of smaller bugfixes and visual tweaks.

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ppl: floppy disks are an outdated format!!! store things in the cloud!!!

me: haha floppy disk drive go brrrrrrr

Question for the #Pinafore community:

Currently, when you click a link to a website in Pinafore, the website doesn't know you came from Pinafore. (In tech terms, the "Referer" header is not sent.)

However, this has side effects in the "extract text from image" feature – it might not work sometimes. What do you prefer?

- Don't tell sites I came from Pinafore
- Tell sites I came from Pinafore

Wow, Windows 10's OCR is really good. In Dissidia Final Fantasy:

Erjoy Dissidia!
I know you want to hurry through the Story Mode,
but have you checked the amount of
each Destiny Odyssey you've cleared?
The level bonuses earned by saving
up DP can only be gained in this
way. It certainly wouldn't hurt to
aim for 100%, kupo!
0 30 PP
Sender : Nomad

i asked my dad for some old computers from his office and he said otherwise they'd be thrown away so i can have them

i can't take the hard drives because HIPPA but everything else should work fine

i'm gonna make a fuggin' NAS

and probably a BSD desktop tbh

i'll give the best of them to my partner's mom and use her old one for probably the NAS

@grainloom Awesome idea, being #VisuallyImpaired / #blind and almost #colorblind, I do face some issues.

As an example: Angry, Drunken Dwarves; and #TecnoballZ have items with icons that are difficult to figure out what they are (either due to color or shape similar to each other).

The second also has a bug in which the items bought in the shop don't get activated in the next level.

#FreeSoftware #FreeSW #LibreSoftware #WhatsTheFix #WTF #Accessibility #Colorblindness

This isn't shade; Android once forgot to include a whole month in their date picker in an update.

I'm just curious. Seems like this has happened a lot over the years.

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Is there an official list of all the times iOS updates have fucked up alarms? This is around the 5th time that I remember...

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