You'd think it's astonishing how often science / studies / any new data get taken out of context, but then you read a "news" article about something related to STEM, which links to another article, which links to a reference to the abstract, which finally links to the full original study, which in the end almost entirely contradicts the original intent of the "news" article...really, it's not surprising that studies and research are misinterpreted.

It's not surprising, but it is still bad.

Step 1) Encounter a video about something strange and disturbing (in this case a German chemist being arrested during a livestream).

Step 2) Research the matter and learn that many consider said chemist subversive and possibly dangerous.

Step 3) Observe that subversiveness is a broad term, applied to actions which post facto may be either justified or heinous (in this case, the chemist may have been attempting to damage democracy, or alternatively, fight a problematic system of governance -- depending on the facts involved).

Step 4) Realize that it is extremely difficult to find all the facts in this sort of situation.

Step 5) Accept that we must hold this case in abeyance for the time being, and simply chalk it down as a curious incident, added to a long list of curious incidents, which, over time, may help to build a comprehensive picture -- of what, only time will tell.

Conclusion: Don't be hasty in judgment, yet also keep an alert eye towards events of the day.

in the medium of social media, you words are your works.

there are few other actions on social media, and most of them are much lower impact than saying something. you can take back a fave, a boost, a block, or a mute. those actions don't have the same kind of impact as posting does. everything on social media revolves around posts and the dissemination of them.

when you decide something is worth talking about, something is worth getting the ball rolling on the conversation. that shit sticks. it happens because you started the conversation about it. people are free to interpret your words however they see fit, and the impact of your words can affect other people's lives, even if its only a small impact. when you post about an issue you have with a community it is really hard to take that shit back

@stux I grew up on a farm plus when I was in primary school we had classes about cooking, sewing, building things like bird feeders, etc. We were roaming everywhere building stuff, etc. I think these days are gone now. Soon kids are going be treated like bacteria in a sterile Petrie dish fed on agar. I see this coming while observing my brothers' and cousins' kids. And who fights for kids rights for freedom to explore :clippy: ?

there's still a Bull Moose Party??


god bless the state of vermont for publishing each and every one of its presidential write-in votes

That being said, Trump's own campaign failed to zero in on a number of key cultural elements that could have been a major support for him, including moderates who are concerned by the further leftward trend of the Biden campaign's promises.

As some poster pointed out elsewhere, even with a victory for Biden, which seems likely but not guaranteed, the fact remains that so many polls, estimates, and political analyses did not grasp the true state of the American voter.

It's a dangerous game we're playing if that kind of certainty is so loud and yet so far off. Understanding the people of our own country should be of prime importance!

I strongly suspect republicans will accept a Biden victory about as happily as democrats accepted a Trump victory in 2016; that is to say, calling it false. In 2016 it was the electoral college upon which blame was assigned; in 2020 it is the voting and counting process itself.

But these disputes, while possibly legitimate, are merely markers for the dissonance and distrust that so many Americans feel toward each other -- not individually, as in their neighbor, but collectively, as in the "other," always so easy to blame.

The underlying disharmony of course does nothing to detract from the actual problem at hand: a vote may still be mismanaged, an electoral process may still be abused, corruption may in fact be ongoing, as may be determined, and we must deal with each of these issues in turn as a legitimate responsibility to resolve. But we also must recognize what lies at the root of it.

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