🛎️ Syncing of media files to object storage went too fast and rate limited the storage bucked during the night (CEST night), resulting in Mastodon's backlog processing/retry queue having a damn huge latency (4 hours right now).

Stopped the sync (which was mostly complete) so rate limiting would stop and Mastodon could process more without retrying.

Gonna add temporarily more workers for the queue so it processes the backlog more rapidly

interestingly even after stopping the sync we're still getting rate limited by object storage (while it shouldn't exceed 250 req/s, as there's just 50 workers)…

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New update: Scaleway Object Storage is just incredibly broken. Even without any requests it's still limiting or even returning error 400.

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Amazing! Three hours after opening the ticket at Scaleway they responded. We never hit the rate limit, it was a technical issue on their side. Should be fixed now and the processing queue should process everything now

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another update: the queue is still processing :(

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@ferh Thanks! I'm finally starting to get my first notification from out of this server (from 20 hours ago). ;)

@trinsec Weird (20 hours) because Sidekiq is saying (Latency: 4 hours). But cool. Not really solved tho, still getting a lot of rate limiting errors from S3. still on it..

@ferh Getting stuff from 7 hours ago appearing now. I daresay it's an improvement over 20 hours. ;)

@trinsec yeah :( the queue is going down very slowly. For some reason I can get Sidekiq to use all his threads nor all the DB connections.

@ferh Cool! Looking forward to up-to-date feeds soon. :D
And was that exclamation sarcastic? I can't quite figure out if 3 hours is a good or bad response time, heh.

@trinsec yes quite sarcastic. I wish they were monitoring their services a bit more.... always annoying to stumble upon an issue on their side, while they don't notice it, and act after some hours...

@ferh @trinsec well their status page says it's operational so everything must be fine 🙄

@eqe haha :-) It's not ODS I'm using, but "Object Storage". Either way -- ODS had a shit ton of issues since sept, and yeah, you can see it right ? :))) @trinsec

@ferh My feeds seem to be up-to-date again mostly. Is stuff back to regular scheduling now?

@ferh 🎉 (We so need Telegram stickers here!)

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