Covid-19 pandemic: Merkel 'worried' about vaccines for poor countries

Not only a humanitarian consideration, but a practical one too.

First thing I saw on my screen this morning :-) From a cronjob that takes some output from 'remind' program. It makes every second Monday morning better.

@amiloradovsky I was trying to sleep when this popped in my head. You may know it already. My friend @pgtips91 told me about it, because I wanted close ups of vegetation, but it may be useful otherwise for its previews.

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A good morning to you. I'm going to try for an early night and hope it's full of sleep for a change.
Later bud.


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Hello everyone! If your ears are free, please join me in The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on #Tilderadio -- livestreaming in about 10 minutes! 001:00-02:00 UTC 👽✨

To tune in, go to:

or (or radio.ogg)

... and if your fingers are also free, join us on IRC (chat)!

Go to

for instructions

or use your web browser: or 🤓👍

Tilderadio is Internet radio streamed by and for users of the #Tildeverse For more more info about our super secret community go to

(LOL just kidding about 'super secret' 🤪🤪🤪)

See you soon!

Here's the text version I just typed up of that had no image description. Plus! I wanted it in my joplin notes! :-)

## Not Shopping List

- [ ] make
- [ ] borrow
- [ ] share
- [ ] grow
- [ ] ask for help
- [ ] repurpose
- [ ] repair
- [ ] scavenge
- [ ] exercise restraint
- [ ] build community
- [ ] swap and barter

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As we approach the holiday season, instead of buying new things we don’t need, how about trying some things from this list? RT if you agree!


I keep forgetting to ask you: what was the selenium for?

November Community Update (8 minute video): KDE PinePhone Community Edition & a peek into the future

Before I move out, I have to go through the house taking down all the russian cheat sheets that I've taped to the walls all over the place I guess.
I used to have a tough time just moving out of a hotel room after a few days and remembering everything. I've been in this house for years.
Spices, rice cooker, induction plate, spice grinder... Everything is embedded all over the place.

What is wrong with me? I have like 2 lonely pine mushrooms in the freezer! :-(
I should not have sold/given away so many.

Demonstranten setzen Parlament von Guatemala in Brand
Die Proteste in Guatemala gegen die Regierung von Präsident Giammattei sind eskaliert. Für Unmut sorgt, dass vor allem Privatfirmen vom Milliardenzuwachs im Etat profitieren, nicht aber die in Armut lebende Bevölkerung.

Verrückt! This isn't the right way.
Disruption, not destruction ffs.

Ethiopia Army Threatens ‘No Mercy’ In Assault On Regional Capital
I am very concerned about the situation. I have two godsons from adis, so I take an interest in where they are from.

I should shave. Its been a week.
I used to shave every morning, but now that I'm not in and out of people's offices, I noticed that the trees don't care. Fish don't care. Bears don't care. Moose don't care...
So once a week for mass seemed good enough.
But now my government has banned mass, so...
It's a tough one. It would mean getting out of this chair to begin with.

TSR (The Server Room)
One of the most useful pages for this program is the index to the shownotes:
The shownotes are extensive and wonderful! You should check them out. Also, it provides a good overview of the breadth of topics covered.

Given the flurry of posts, one may correctly infer that Sunday is my only day off! :-)
My work at the Christmass tree farm is really physical and the wx the past few days has been... well, it could have been better! :-) I'm just exhausted.
But I need to be packing to move before the end of the month. I need to do laundry. I need to configure new server at contabo. I need to hit canadian tire for a new car battery and troubleshoot w/e the heck is my ride's problem. I need to... ... ...
But for now I'm reading and posting masto and catching up on news! :-)

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