Extracting this from an old long @cjd thread on JavaScript, philosophy, mythology, fascism and other things:

> I suspect that in the future, software, written language and speech will meld into one

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Sounds preposterous on the surface, aren't they expressed in entirely different media and social situations?

Well, yes, kind of, but they do blend together today already, if often imperfectly. I imagine they will blend more seamlessly as time move on.

When are they "one"? I don't know.

How would that look? I'm not from the future, not even a futurist.
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I just think the supposedly clear delineations today are already breaking down, and the scale from highly contextual, highly subjective, fuzzy spoken language to very precise, explicitly contextualized, bit-encoded, machine-executable language will become an ever smoother scale until you can't clearly say that this form of expression ends here and the next form starts here.
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Consider these "transgressions", real and some fictional, against the supposedly clear delineation between auditory language, symbolic human language and machine-executable language, in particular "programmed" machine language compiled from human-readable source:

- People actually saying "lol"
- IM written speech
- Sign language
- Literate programming
- Screen readers, voice input
- Natural language processing
- Chat bots
- Wolfram Alpha
- Math
- Lojban
- "programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute"
- Machine learning
- Schlock Mercenary universe "growpramming"
- DSLs
- Virtual assistants (Alexa/Siri/Cortana/Google Now)
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- Political speeches written by speechwriters, presented memorized or using teleprompters
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@clacke Given that the corporatist/fascist figureheads of our capitalist 'democracies' are simply reading out the party line, they may as well simply hire a good-looking model to read one speech and then have the already-available-today software accept text input and produce the videos with the changing text.
I've seen demos of e.g. obama saying whatever text you feed the model. The face moves appropriately and the voice sounds right.

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