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For those using the PG FTS patch to avoid installing ES, be aware of the default context in models/status.rb ( probably introduced recently ).

Your search_for should contain something like:

Status.unscoped {
Status.where('tsv @@ plainto_tsquery(?)', pattern).order(updated_at: :desc).limit(limit)
to make sure no default scope are applied to that query.


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FYI, mastodon v2.3.0rc2 instrumented.

Here's one report after 24hours:

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oh and here is a few Full Text Search using only postgresql ( no ES patch ).

Depending on the cardinality of the word used as the search ( the more common the word is in toots, the longer the query time ). Worst case scenario represented on our 50M+ toots database by a query time of 17s.

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More than 6000 videos on the public #PeerTube fediverse! \o/

Thanks to all instance admins and uploaders!


Does someone lives in the US near a US Cellular shop ? I need one of their SIM cards for work and they won't sell to Cal :/ We'll of course pay for it and reimburse for the trouble, we just need a cheap phone and a prepaid sim card...

So for the record, if you take an old drone motor and tie it to your skateboard wheel, it works, just don't do that with the 4 wheels, it may be too much ;)

Eager to try upload files dedup...

Here's media files backup stats:
- Original size: 684.45 GB
- Compressed size: 677.22 GB
- Deduplicated size: 144.05 GB

Feedback needed:

I am tired of getting bike parts stolen while locked at the Bart station, so I am thinking of building a diy electric skate to commute and take it with me in the subway.

What do you use ? What did you found convenient ? What didn't worked ?

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Me: Hey Postgres, can I do this?

Postres: Before I answer that, how are you? You look hungry have you eaten today?

Me: Uhm, well, I am a bit...

Postgres: *makes me a sandwich, plus me some juice* here you go...

Me: Oh wow, thanks, but I was wanted know...

Postgres: No, I can't do that, but you can try this, this or this. Do think any of those might work?

Me: Ah, ok. Yeah, that'll work. Actually that's probably better than was doing...

Postgres: Cool!

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BTW, if you're interested in working on pleroma (or a migration tool) please visit #pleroma on freenode and take a look at so we can coordinate and help you. Any help is very welcome!
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really happy that we'll soon have fine-grained moderation tools for incoming posts that aren't all banhammers like the two options on mastodon...

it will be possible to auto-unlist or auto-nsfw posts, which should make things a lot easier for people who try to run a clean server that still doesn't block interactions.

We have Borg and Barman for managing the backups of this instance.

I just added peertube and funkwhale to the list of things to backup and tested a restore: it works.

I just need to add Mastodon config file to the mix and we shall be complete.

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It has just occurred to me that, with my current skill with my guitar, I can safely say that I play homeopathic music.

I'm a homeopathic musician!

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Oh you know what else I can do? I can make 5,000 character posts. Not 500, 5,000. Sure, that makes it more of a "blogging service" than "microblogging" service, but you know what, I don't care.

And you know what I'm gonna do? Make a long post, because I fucken /can/.

Sure, people might not like this long post, but you know what, maybe Gargron should collapse long posts by default like users have asked for. But of course, "what is input validation" even? What is "listening to your users" even?

Now onto my point:

Without users, your vision doesn't mean shit. Your ideas are nothing more than just that: ideas. As Pleroma improves, Mastodon will be left behind in the dust, simply because Gargron refused to listen to his users and their ideas, with his self-admitted bias against ideas he didn't come up with. Simple things, like it's too resource-hungry, it's too slow, nothing is configurable, etc. Gargron decides everything with Mastodon. Not so with Pleroma. The Pleroma using community decides.

When the community decides what goes into Pleroma, both the community /and/ Pleroma win. When Gargron decides what goes into Mastodon, only Gargron wins.

Just think about that.

As more and more people try out Pleroma, more and more people are going to work on it. It's only going to get better. Mastodon will stagnate as soon as Gargron runs out of ideas, because he doesn't really want to listen to others. It's "his" social media. He only cares about taking on Twitter on his terms. It's an ego trip for him, plain and simple. You are as much of a product as you were for Twitter, except you serve the ego of a man instead of a company's bottom line.
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Someday, mst3k will run on Pleroma if things do not change in Mastodon.

We can't achieve our mission at the Interlinked Foundation with Mastodon. We don't have the resources to run Mastodon instances for other people when we can barely run our own. That's one thing we want to do. And with mst3k taking up so much room, we barely have enough space to run our /back office/ stuff that keeps the organisation together.

We can run 5 Pleroma instances in the space of /one/ Mastodon instance. We can run /40/ if you count the resources to run ElasticSearch properly (sure, you can ghetto rig it, and abuse systemd to restart it when it crashes, but that's stupid and you're a terrible sysadmin if you do this who should stay as far away from any machines I'm responsible for as possible). We can't run ES at mst3k because it would break the bank.

And frankly, we have to (and will continue to) say no to users who want to run Mastodon, because it'll take up too much space. That's just realpolitik. It isn't so much a desire as it is "small non-profit whom 75% of the budget is already in hosting." You know what hosting costs are? Administrative overhead. You know what that means? It's money that's not going towards our mission. It's being dumped into more memory and CPU.
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I wrote a very basic Getting Started guide for new users who want to try the Pleroma frontend. It also mentions how to get to the Mastodon frontend.

Should I migrate @federationbot to pleroma just to compare resource usage on an account with 60k+ followed .....

Woops, we are getting in that direction too ^^

( temporary setup to play with, do not settle there and expect stability, we will probably at some point migrate to pleroma when it gets a little bit more on par with mastodon features for the users and mods ).

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Not sure if this is allowed by the federation: My private pear-to-pear network! 😋

#photography #photo #pear2pear

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i find it funny that mastodon users are so bored that they spend their time having discourses about software they will never use anyway

So apparently, as long as your payload is < 6pounds, you don't need a license to send that thing to space... How heavy are little ham transceivers with an antenna ? ;) Weather balloon launch could be fun...

Ok yes I know, it's cold out there, need to isolate the electronics too...