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Just secured two tickets to Five Finger Death Punch in Copenhagen! This will so awesome! 🤟🏻

Tomorrow is Friday 13th. Just saying...

“You’re not Elsa. Your legs are too hairy!”. Julia, 7 yrs old

Hosted a birthday party today. 23 7 year olds all dressed as princesses and pirates. I was dressed as Elsa with the blue dress and a blonde wig. Quite nice to walk around in a dress. Will probably not do it my day-to-day life, really impractical with the lack of pockets.

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I’m out of Pokemon balls - what is the best way (without buying) to get more fast? I just started to play. # pokemongo

Some weeks are so busy you just can keep your head over water... I hope next will be more calm but I doubt that!

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Attended a traditional Swedish crayfish party yesterday. Wine doesn’t really work with the salty lottle animal - thus quickly moved on to the cheese... #crayfish #cheese #wine

I ordered an electrical scooter / kick bike today. Going to use it to go back and forwards to the train and between the various offices and train.

Building a website in php - was a while sine I last did that....

Just completed my weekly review - feels good to go into my first week of work with a blank head!

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Yesterday I had some visitors in my garden. They dug a small ditch and put a thin plastic hose into the ground. In a few weeks the fiber installation will be comple.
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Are you subscribed to any newsletters and actually read them? Or is this a dead channel?

Went to the kirurg to remove a golfball sized lump on my left side. It was 10cm below my armpit. Now I have tennis ball sized swelling. waking up tomorrow will be interesting... 🤕

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