Damns, this one made me think:

"I sort of wish I had a better hobby than reading hacker news. Today I saw a house for sale, built in the 80s, lots of outdoor entertainment stuff for neighborhood parties. Vacant, crumbling, dead. Reminded me. Kids, seriously, this used to really happen. Every day, all the neighborhood kids would play ball games at somebody’s house, and the adults would walk over for about an hour and talk to each other. Adults all tried to outdo each other for the nicest house and best backyard for this kind of thing. Nobody does this anymore. Might as well buy that trailer in Space Park Way and a VR headset. I always thought RP1 was so banal; I was hoping for a more nuanced and unpredictable dystopia."

[via jl2718 on HN](news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2)

Anyone know whether slavic genes give you some obligation to regularly consume red beets? I feel like a new man after the first red-beet-feast in months

Mediacompetency/naziradar/evopsych bullshit detection exercise. Can you spot why this article rubbed me the wrong way and what tricks they use?



Much love for a fellow spoil sport twitter.com/fchollet/status/12 with much more academic credibility

arxiv.org/pdf/2001.00006.pdf Seem it's not just Stross and my thinking of links between social (adaptive) systems and machine learning

Gonna be reviewing my experience at Neurips2019 soon...stay tuned:-) also gonna try to be more active in 2020 both here and my website/blog. Exploration is turning to exploitation slowly

Mille Grazie Fortuna: Going to NeurIPS :-D

I have been hoping for something like this for AGES, finally found it exists in small forms already: there was a negative result workshop at CVPR2017 negative.vision
(and a journal for intersting negative results: jinr.site.uottawa.ca/, but it seems dead).

arxiv.org helps a lot in reducing publication bias in ML research, but I think we should incentivize people keeping track and publishing all their silly or unfinished ideas as well.

There is a dissenting opinion on whether they are worth it though: luckytoilet.wordpress.com/2018

Finally finished this one. Not gonna lie, it was a slog to get through, lots of dates and events spun together. I'd still say I'm glad I read it though, because it does *does* provide a good account of financial crises, gives the evolution of causal hypotheses and reactions to it, and has some pretty pithy comments. For those who want to get the TL;DR, it provides that in chapter 15

Surprisingly easy read, very interesting introduction into the world of options trading. If you have stochastic process and differential equation knowledge the hardest part will be picking up the jargon. Kudos to the author for making a very dry topic go down easily without pandering

Vive la france news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

The french continue to fuck around much less than the rest of the world, as also evidence by this image imgur.com/a/gD5ihm9
I hope they don't succumb to the authoritorian streak Macron seems to bring with him to achieve his (maybe?) admirable goals...I prefer them as barely contained anarchists

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Jetzt wo der Gründungsverein gegründet ist, wird es höchste Zeit, sich als Interessent für die Hacker eG registrieren zu lassen, damit man einmal als "Alter Genosse" oder "Alte Gründerin" in die Geschichte eingehen kann.

Infovideo und Registrierungsanweisung hier: media.ccc.de/v/35c3chaoswest-3

Pls retoot

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RT @epicenter_works

Schon mehr als 1000 Leute haben über Pledge2019.eu im Europaparlament angerufen und 84 Abgeordnete überzeugt gegen #Artikel13 zu stimmen. Mit deiner Spende hilfst du uns diese Kosten zu decken und noch mehr Druck aufzubauen:
➡️ support.epicenter.works #SaveYourInternet

🐦🔗: twitter.com/epicenter_works/st

Praise to whoever the patron saint of PhDs is for deadline extensions

What. The. Fuck. Germany.


We did this already.

Let's hope the mainstream takes note and is able to effect drastic reform (young people protesting for climate change being mocked and the *social democratic party* blocking tax transparency in europe indicates no) or at least will be able to channel the revolutionary potential into a productive direction...but I can see the powder stack growing currently, and it worries me. The breeding ground for (political) violence is prepared this way

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