Finally finished this one. Not gonna lie, it was a slog to get through, lots of dates and events spun together. I'd still say I'm glad I read it though, because it does *does* provide a good account of financial crises, gives the evolution of causal hypotheses and reactions to it, and has some pretty pithy comments. For those who want to get the TL;DR, it provides that in chapter 15

Surprisingly easy read, very interesting introduction into the world of options trading. If you have stochastic process and differential equation knowledge the hardest part will be picking up the jargon. Kudos to the author for making a very dry topic go down easily without pandering

Just finished this book on the history of debt and money. I need to properly digest it...if even only the historical facts are true (and they are cited and verifiable) then I will need to rethink most of my basic assumptions about economics and activism. Definitely worth reading

Interesting concept book which explains the process with lead to novelty search. I was a bit disappointed with this one to be honest, because I was looking for the maths, but I will have to dig into the papers instead. For expanding your horizon in an approachable manner worth a read, but it does get a bit preachy about where in the frame of the book things are "failing" or "broken", words which are becoming overused

The second review/recommendation is the WWW trilogy, featuring a feasible AI awakening, some tech optimism which is almost nostalgic and blackberry as a major IT powerhouse (...). Worth it for the hopeful feel good vibe, and if an artist wants to help me make some nice designs based on the Nonzero games symbol, toot at me or send a mail, I'll pay you if I can afford you

A bit delayed I have two book reviews. The first one is accelerando, the most 'whoa' inducing SciFi read I had in a while. It details the history of the Mancx dynasty, seeded by the venture altruist (sic) Manfred Mancx and going through a few hundred years of singularities. Definitely worth a read, if only for a good argument why matrioshka brains are might be a dead end.

Just finished this book 'The Oxford Handbook of Thinking and Reasoning'. From my amateurs perspective, a nice overview of cognitive science when it comes to decision making, inference,learning, problem representation...very interesting parallels to AI, but also good points on why reasoning and rationality does not necessary equal intelligence (and especially not IQ)

Finally finished this after months of procrastination... anyone interested in learning about AI in it's entirety, I'd highly advise you to read this. The only field it doesn't give a good overview of is neural networks (just because of the boom since 2008), everything else is covered very well. And for the AI riskers and philospers, chapter 26 was made for you <3

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