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What happened when I tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 hours using memes
Ellie Violet Bramley | 8 Jan 2015


jansegers @jansegers

Toki Pona’s philosophy appealed to 22-year-old Oliver Mayeux and 26-year-old Marta Krzeminska, who both speak several languages and met while studying at Soas in London. They started learning it last February and were on hand to help at the TokiPonathon.

They described how learning the language was not without its unique challenges. Krzeminska used to wait for Mayeux at the monsi pi tomo lipu (the bottom/back of the library) but he often went to a different spot because he would have described the same place as anpa pi tomo lipu (the lower part of the library) or uta pi tomo lipu (the mouth or entrance of the library).


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