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jrnl – The Command Line Journal

Collect your thoughts and notes without leaving the command line.

A great tool to capture thoughts for my ideaBase – I like!

This is a test post coming from iA Writer on my iMac to simply. micro. (WordPress blog) and then on to (and also ends up being syndicated on the i.webthings hub) Yay!

This is a test post coming from iA Writer on my iMac to the simply. micro. WordPress blog and then on to Yay!

Liked ButtyStock free crisp sandwich stock photos
The number one site for free crisp sandwich photos

Released under a CC0 “no rights reserved” license.

Liked FSNotes App – Modern notes manager for macOS and iOS

It’s getting better and better. Recently added ‘WikiLinks’ internal linking.

Liked No excuses not to create something by Jack Baty
I have never been an artist, but I used to at least create things. I would draw, paint, write, photograph, you name it...

Bookmarked Five Happy Links
A weekly dose of happy links to make you smile and feel good

Liked The Death of Blogging by Charles Miller
Remember back in 2003 when blogging was going to take over the world? When we were writing odes to blogging, building popular tools to map the blogsphere, actually using the word blogosphere with a mostly straight face, and wringing our ha...

Liked midori
library for animated image backgrounds

[via Pyetro]

Liked Evergreen notes (Andyʼs working notes)
Evergreen notes are written and organized to evolve, contribute, and accumulate over time, across projects. This is an unusual way to think about writing notes...

Interesting approach – I like it!

Bookmarked Web Art from Sight
Mini-site celebrating the new decade.

I’m wondering where it goes from here.
[via kristofger]

Liked ‘frustrating click throughs…’ by Chris M.

(Thanks for allowing this test Chris )

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I can't wait to hug all of you when this shit is over!

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What sets appart?

As a general instance, we are not centered on a specific theme, or a specific language. Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the few rules we have.

We always run the latest stable version of Mastodon, providing you a stock experience, with the following modifications:

  • 2048 character limit (not 500).
  • 512 character limits for the account's bio (not 160).
  • full column width (not fixed size).
  • more search results (20 instead of 5 per type of search).
  • Audio upload (not limited to videos only).
  • full text search of statuses (not restricted to searching tags and users).
  • trending tags are displayed on the main UI ( and a more complete view is available here)
  • boosts and replies are shown in the timelines (more complete view for everyone).
  • Your account is also a XMPP account (Federated Instant Messaging, take a look online to find a client and use your username and password to configure it, you can also use our online web client). Woohoo! two services in one!
  • We also have a very good view of the federation (our federated timeline gives you a more broad view of the Mastodon network than a 'normal' instance, there's a lot to read in a lot of languages).
  • We also host a Peertube instance for the convenience. Try it and let us know what you think !
  • In the same vein, we host a Funkwhale instance for the convenience. Try it and let us know what you think !
  • If you want to be on a more quiet, moderated instance, or use another AP implementation, we host a Pleroma instance for the convenience. This is the same fediverse as with Mastodon, but with a different default UI and way more optimized backend. Try and see which one you prefer !
  • Now if you want a different UI, the stock mastodon one does not please you, you can check Pinafore.
  • We do also host for the convenience a video Conference server ( Jitsi Meet )
  • We have a mastodon relay for other instances to bootstrap their timelines:

Although we are a medium+ sized instance, we'd like to keep the feeling that you are at home and safe here.