Goods have to be produced.
Bread doesn't jump onto your plate. Someone has to plant, water, harvest, grind and bake it for the bread to exist.

Since our wants are endless, and our time and energy limited, there will always be some wants that are not satisfied. In other words, scarcity.

Money is the comodity with the highest exchange value. So it is very real. The fact that current the currents money exchange value is created by government fiat doesn't make it any less real.

@kpeace Q. Is money a useful way in a post scarcity world to be the medium of exchange for lifes needs and pleasures?


If ALL goods are abundant and you can obtain with zero effort anything you can dream of, then there is no need for trade and therefore no need for any commodity with a high exchange value.

But that is a fantasy that I don't think can happen. Since our imagination and therefore our wants, have no limit

@kpeace @Hamishcampbell That is called Star Trek. Though the Ferengi obviously don't agree.


I have never really studied Star Trek economics but it always seamed dubious that people were willing to invest time and effort without getting something in return.

Greed is part of human nature. You can't just turn it off.

Capitalism uses harnesses greed to create a better society.

@kpeace @trinsec cooperation and gifting are also part of human nature. Go back and read the exact wording of the image and you will find most of you Q. Answered.

Cooperation is vital for any trade and devision of work system.

Gifting is common, especially to loved ones. It doesn't really scale up.

I have read your post several times. I have no questions about it. I am simply stating that you are wrong in thinking that we live in a post scarcity world or that money is not real.

Please, explain how we live in a post scarcity world if everything we consume needs someone's time to produce it and time is a limited resource?

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