it's very cool to see ppl persevere but like honestly who would go out of their way to watch a whole show of this, ostensibly about football

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holy fuck there's this show on FS1 right now its called "College Football: Inside Slant" and it's literally just sob stories

man the local timeline is dead and the home timeline isn't much better yall feeling ok

Okay I moved again, I'm SO SORRY TO MAKE EVERYONE KEEP DOING THIS but it would help me out if you'd boost this for a bit so I can find everyone again blah blah blah

well good morning. apparently depression weekend is gonna yawn out into at least depression early week. I'm gonna have some coffee and maybe wash my face and watch dan then I'll work on seeing if I can save our party geckos save. idk.

We need 42,810 more $5 donations to save our house. Can you share this? Just five bucks each from a hell of a lot of people. We're at the end of our rope after 2 years, 4 months of trying to avoid homelessness.

A better website is coming soon.

@ohtazer why does Eugen, the largest mod, not simply eat the other ones?

I'm gonna listen to 1000 grams, then i'm gonna follow that up by 100 bottles lol

2 things about flagellating apparel

1. if you can learn to ignore it, you become invincible and also at least as strong as goku during the vegeta arc

2.i bet if you took a fair amount of MDMA you would just never stop orgasming until you died. In fact, this is how assisted suicide is done on Risa

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I remember like when I was in college, because I am a bumpkin, I used to wear underarmor cold under my regular clothes and shit. That felt smexy too. Superheros must be feelin mad fine all the time.

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this like compression hoodie i got on though.... yeah that's real nice now

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Yeah microdosing is right for me. It does all I want out of anything like this, it distracts me a little bit.

The results are in and turns out all of you are stupid, wow harsh but who am I to argue with the results

Jennas gone full auntie mode (her words) so she’s making food to take over to our friend that passed’s family later on. I made coffee. I’m helping.

There are terrors in the stars beyond comprehension, you know? You don’t need to make up space aliens. Yeah I’m on this shit again.

"Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky." - Don Lemon

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