Got an e-reader, so now I have got everything I need.
I hate Viber... But got myself a Rakuten Kobo Aura H2O 2 - an e-reader that forces you to log in to use it and does not have a MicroSD slot.
It has a fast CPU (fast enough to open PDFs seamlessly), water resistance, warm highlight and after some tinkering supports all the formats including FB2 and CBZ.

Got myself a digital camera.. Next step will be an e-ink reader :)

I will be a weirdo carrying around 5 devices instead of one...

Finally got myself a . It is my first step towards getting rid of a smartphone.

The device a bit is sloppy in some aspects and lacking basic documentation but is overall pretty comfy to use. Especially when you type English.. (Russian keyboard has more letters than English one and this one is designed to fit English alphas, and if you need Cyrillic symbols you got to use)

For example, it was very unobvious, that in order to add Russian keyboard to be used with Gemini's physical keyboard one has to also add Russian language to android - otherwise it types in English. Some functional keys combinations work in a very unpredictable manner, as well: there is no way to switch keyboard layout via android key combination, however I found out 5 minutes ago that pressing Ctrl-Fn-AnyNumberReally switches layout.. but disables some Fn combinations entirely. It is okay but strange for a device designed around its keyboard.

Anyway I will get used to it. Meanwhile the whole idea is to use android as rare as possible, and this device makes it hard to just casually google something, for example. Works for me!

Next steps will be buying a camera and an ebook reader

Finally got myself a Nintendo 2ds XL. It is all "cracked". Allows to use MicroSD. Also got myself a Gateway cartridge to run Nintendo DS games on it.

The only thing I regret after buying it - is that I did not do that earlier.

Finally got to finish Chrono Trigger.

Today, I have deleted my dropbox account. It became pretty useless for me as now it is just like any other file sharing service.

What the actual fuck?

This is one of the reasons I no longer use

That - and also no longer working public folders.

I hate GTA V (because it had turned into one of those free-to-play games, where you either grind or pay real money to have fun)

Yet still I play it sometimes. Mostly because it is still a perfect coop activity to spend time with friends.

I believe this would actually make a GREAT souvenir for a programmer. Also, if made easy-programmable, it could be a pretty useful one, too

In order to update windows Nvidia drivers via their "GeForce Experience" software, one has to login.

I have paid a vast of money for a video card - and still ge-forced to login and watch ads to get an update I do not really care for...

I am not sure why it bothers me tho.

If you are making a web browser - make sure its website runs on IE8.

In order to download on fresh Win7 install, I had to use another browser...

Scooting through the old files from 5 years ago. Feels so weird, but I definitely need this.

Haha, chrome highlights "youtube" as a mistake, and suggests to correct it to "YouTube".

There used to be two or three radios on YouYube not so long ago. What happens?

Remember when installation was this simple... No 20 minute procedure of picking from 40GiB of nonsense for nothing...

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