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the reason why i'm a week late is there is no reason

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What the actual fuck?

This is one of the reasons I no longer use

That - and also no longer working public folders.

Can somebody explain me why does premium exist?

Well, beyond HR's and employers, of course - they, out of question, need it somehow as one of their tools of the trade.

But why a humble engineer would buy premium account? Does it affect career? Is it useful sometime beyond changing an employer?

I hate GTA V (because it had turned into one of those free-to-play games, where you either grind or pay real money to have fun)

Yet still I play it sometimes. Mostly because it is still a perfect coop activity to spend time with friends. boosted

Critical Role played the Wendy's RPG, and it's excruciating. Matt's eyebrow arches up, up, up as he gets madder and madder at the shitty puns and ad setting.
#rpg #dnd
Mood board from birbsite:

Oh, on second thought, I guess I know - it is a dick move, and Nvidia is a monopolist at some extent.

I mean, I get a great GPU, they get my money. It's a win-win. Then they want my data, and to get that they (at some point) limit my ability to use my GPU.

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I believe this would actually make a GREAT souvenir for a programmer. Also, if made easy-programmable, it could be a pretty useful one, too

In order to update windows Nvidia drivers via their "GeForce Experience" software, one has to login.

I have paid a vast of money for a video card - and still ge-forced to login and watch ads to get an update I do not really care for...

I am not sure why it bothers me tho.

Soon I will be skillful enough to add "bat file programmer" to my CV

Мне сказали, что "у меня очень всратый костюм человека". boosted
KFC would get better promotion if they just started making their food good again >.>

Okay, this is weird and unusual for me. A lot of peeps seem to be using mastodon as a replacement for twitter.

I don't. I never used Twitter that much (even tho I'm on Twitter for, like, thirteen years) and the very manner of tweeting feels sorta odd for me.

Especially the provoking tweets.

"I knew two kinds of discipline
as a child: none at all, and too much. The former leads to degenerate behavior. When I speak of degeneracy, I am not being priggish, sir — I am alluding to things well known to me, as they made my own childhood less than idyllic." - Neal Stephenson, Diamond Age boosted

If you are making a web browser - make sure its website runs on IE8.

In order to download on fresh Win7 install, I had to use another browser...

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