FYI I will be migrating myself to @oloigheruosne, this host seems to go down lots and eh

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Nice to finally have a resume I feel decent about because I saw a jamf position to apply to and was able to send something out in about 10 minutes *whew*

uspol / housing 

was about to freak out about it generating 3.1mb of javascript on compile but *whew* i left out the build optimizations. not so horrendous now

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*me testing out*
*inits new app from commandline*
[time passes]
added 1150 packages in 47.554s


I can't even read whatever I just boosted but it has a photo of a nice crossing stripe

Gaining townie points as I begin to recognize randos in ward 4 of StP from various establishments, almost like I grew up here

Love how the train message about boarding with bicycles at the doors near to the rack exists and there's none telling people to maybe not stand right inside the bike rack and not stand in the doors when people are boarding/exiting generally

gender expression and makeup 

Lots of leg work went into this assessment of opponents to the Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan. Sold work, @oloigheruosne !

I don't have nearly enough piano in my life. I've been practicing on and off since 7:30 tonight, which is probably 3 hours total with all the breaks. Puts my mind in a good place, and I'm glad i've been on a piano practice kick this past month.

Many people have praised "Neighbors for More Neighbors" as a clever name. But did you know the inspiration for that name comes from a failed parody of a now-defunct Lisa Bender hate page?


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Love when the train sign alternates between due and 9 minutes every few seconds and the next is listed as coming in a half hour. Oh and there are tons of bees swarming this stop 👻

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