And like this is just the idea that men can take more pain.
Which isn't even true to start with, as far as I've learned.

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Ok I had a shower and did my hair removal,
And at the same time my brother was working out,
And we very much building up our gender presentations.

But I get questioned because hair epilation hurts. But guess what, so does weight lifting.

"The panel is aware and realizes that the rules are discriminatory but they find this discrimination is acceptable," Matthieu Reeb, secretary general of the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

So, basically, they know they're discriminatory, but they feel that that's OK.

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Sports bosses at IAAF want to force a female cis athlete to take T blockers. Because they don't feel that she fits their idea of what a woman is.

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Wiiii I mailed important paperwork to the tax people today! It was super scary I'm brave.

Wait, do I need to have an opinion on the new Charlie's Angels?

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Towel day 2020: Council of Geeks - 'Do "Doctor Who" and "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” Share the Same Continuity?'

Proud of myself, food 

Ok so I was typing "Hey, how do I remove a proven identity? I don't have a" and then the keybase link disappeared on itself.


@schreierco I'm trying to find the thread, but no luck.
Basically, an official fedilab account blocked me, when I questioned their policy on nazis. It is (or was, at least?) possible to use their app with the nazi network gab, etc. Tusky has a hard-coded blacklist.
When I questioned this policy, they got very rage-y, and blocked me.

So that's what I mean when I say politically incompetent. Pretend to be for free speech, but not if said free speech is used to question them. This is not how grown-ups act.

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Make a folder on your computer or an album on your phone and save images there that make you smile.

I'm still puzzled about that one guy I didn't make out with 10 years ago.

So out-of-character.

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me: hmm gender binary feels confining gonna transcend it

queer culture: welcome! please fill out this short questionnaire!
- top or bottom?
- dom or sub?
- butch or femme?
- are you bisexual** or lesbian***?
- please select a flag from the dropdown menu

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the four elements are tech, anime, punk, and sports. collect a girlfriend from each quadrant to ascend

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"the plural of anecdote is not data" but also "statistics don't negate the reality of my lived experience" -- both of these things can be true.

the society-scale analysis has one set of tools, the personal-experience analysis has a different set. Using one tool in the other domain is often unhelpful. Like how you have to use relativity XOR quantum mechanics depending on the scale of your physics problem.

this meta thought brought to you by my annoyance with some bad tumblr discourse i saw

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