everyone: **plays animal crossing**

me: **moves to an organic farm in the middle of nowhere to grow radishes and befriend (and raise) real living ducks and pigs**

i am now officially a vagrant, wandering the mountains of vermont, living off the land

i’m several hours in and it’s been pretty great so far

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update: we setup in a lil shack formerly used for making maple syrup. today we built a fence so the pups have a little yard to romp around in

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#farmlife #protip if you want to your pea beds to stay standing even after your chickens peck through them, rake them into the shape of a nice flan

(disclaimer: i actually have no clue what i’m doing)

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adolescent ducks look like a cross between a platypus and a velociraptor

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the duckies are old enough to take field trips to the out of doors now. they were thrilled 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

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sticking your hands into the earth is such a sensual experience i almost need to cw this lewd

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last weekend we got half a foot of snow whereas the farms a couple miles down the mountain got no snow (just rain)

fortunately the snow melted in a few days, but it’s been dreary here most of the week

but then just now,,

clouwd s

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between the quarantine weight gain and the new butch aesthetic i’ve been serving some serious dadbod lately

i figured why not make some good of it. this is for whoever might need it

cw eye contact, mention of deceased family member (fictional)

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the weirdest part about shifting from an office environment to a farm environment is losing all my external feminine signifiers?? heels, makeup, jewelry, long(er) pink hair, femme clothing styles...

everyone i’ve met so far has confidently assumed i’m a guy. i’d never needed to mention gender identity casually in conversation before, and i’m not used to it. in the past i’ve always been able to **gestures vaguely at self**

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@red context does a lot though. I've only moved from being a bartender to being a parent, and people stopped realizing I'm a woman. And I wear skirts most days.
The people I meet in the childrearing context (teachers etc) are simply not that open-minded. Also hateful bigots, occasionally.

Not sure if this applies to your context, but I'm guessing that outside of the organic/leftist household, it might be a bit... old-timely?

@panina well so i was bracing for somewhat of a culture shock. but one person i met literally works for an LGBT+ rights organization, she’s a cis woman who puts her pronouns in her bio, we’ve had conversations involving trans issues, on multiple occasions i’ve mentioned i prefer gender-inclusive language for myself... i figured if *anyone*, she might offer the courtesy of a they/them. but nooooope

excerpt from an actual conversation —
her: you’re so good with the ducks, you’re like their duck father
me: haha
her: ...or is there a term you prefer instead of ‘father’?
me, hopeful: i would prefer ‘parent’. or you can just call me their nanny, haha
her: no..., one of my coworkers has his kids call him ‘aba’, i meant like that
me: oh

@red my brain just said "Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it."

Sooo, bit of an struggle for you there. I feel for you 💙

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