Greetings tweeps!

The Commentary/Jieshuo screen reader, now has an official home on the web (without needing to join Telegram!)

Both the standard and International versions can be found there.

My, it’s been awhile since I have journeyed here. I hope you and everyone are well, and a virus never comes.

I can't believe I didn't find out about this web site till now!...

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For those out there who remember a TV block called the , an episode of Vor-Tech has finally been found!

I did want to let folks know, that the latest Linux Dev build of the Microsoft Edge browser, ain't too bad with Orca. Grab it over at
, though keep in mind it's still early days and not every distros is supported (which is to be expected.

Ubuntu Mate (which has a more Windows XP-Like Feel to It, based off of the MATE Desktop):

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Voxin from the Oralux Foundation, bringing Vocalizer (and for while now), IBM TTS Voices on the Linux platform:

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Ubuntu Budgie, if you want a Linux Distro that acts more like a Mac (with the exception of Ubuntu Mate's Cupertino interface):

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Ubuntu (which has a more-like Windows 8-Like Interface to it, said interface by default is called GNOME):

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For , here are some links to well-known Linux Distros ya can try in a Virtual Machine that have the Orca screen reader, and links to other voices you can use (besides ESpeak.)

NB. I'm not recommending an Arch Linux Distros (for now at least)...

Uploaded by Its Sunky The Hedgehog

The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show Credits/The Program Exchance (1959/1987/2000) via

By the way, I now have the extension redirect to the Odysee web site when a YouTuber has their stuff synced over. Works like a charm!

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