What is ?
Is it an ideology regarding self and decentralized hosting? Is it a framework? I have not clue, but the feeds I follow mention it a lot. I've tried researching it, but haven't gotten that far. It's all filled with wannabe PR/buzzword lingo.

I honestly want to know what it is. Can anyone help me out?

@sid maybe ? it's a web project by privacy activiists

@sid the Indieweb is a set of Principles, more than ideology. the main wiki reside at if you look at my blog it use WithKnown (a lightweight content management system with built-in indieweb) and if you look at my root website, it's a Wordpress install with the Indieweb pack plugin and a custom template (that I still have to adapt, work on it) in both case these are just two implementation of indieweb for two different content management system.
There are others out there

Drupal, Jekyl & countless other modern static site generators have now modules or instructions to indiewebify them. Once you are on the indieweb, you can also connect so that interactions about your posts on social media (corporate or fediverse) can be backfeed to your original post.
That's just one of the perks of using indieweb enabled blogs to be at the source of your participation on social media.

@sid As far as I can judge this is their main webpage.

You may call it an idea, but they are mainly interested in doing. Helping people creating Indieweb homepages and in that way improve their methods.

@sid #IndieWeb is the idea that you should have a website on your own domain, and a set of lightweight technologies (webmention etc.) to help independent websites communicate.


It is what you describe: "self hosted and decentralized hosting"

For instance, one of their practice is to publish on your own (micro) blog app that you possibly built yourself, then re-publish the same content in so-called sillos (twitter, medium, facebook etc...).

The first thing to do to be "indie" is to buy/rent your own domain, then create a static blog, then interop with other blogs to be able to ping / reshare or comment.

The group behind indieweb was part of the people that created activitypub, the protocol used by mastodon.

indieweb try to avoid sillos.


@zig @sid @humanetech
Static or Dynamic is beyond the point, the idea is cook what works for you, what you will use and then use it :)
I'm running both Known (built-in indieweb less Microsub) and I keep playing with WordPress + Indieweb + Autonomie theme to learn & apply indieweb in different context.
Some people like to sens webmentions from their terminal and others want a ready to be used content management system where they can focus on writing etc... It's really up to you :)

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