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Them: Have you considered getting laser eye surgery?

Me: Well yeah, but it's not what you think it is. Lasers go in your eyes, they don't come out of your eyes.

In my everyday world, I am the one most bothered by privacy and security issues, by the annoying things that the bad social networks do, etc. So when it comes to these topics, I am the grumpiest one.

Here on Mastodon there are people who are even more annoyed by these things. So I am no longer the grumpiest one!

Thanks for making me feel a little more normal, Mastodon.

The birds like to sit on the dead branch, waiting for their turn at the feeder. But they also like to sharpen (or wipe?) their beaks on the branch, which is wearing the whole branch away. One of these days it will fall down when birdies are sitting upon it. Which is, I suppose, no problem for creatures who fly.

Do you snooze while on the bus? I would not do that, at least in Rome. Because an exploding bus is a bad place to snooze, that is why.

The sign said NO PARKING, last time I came down this street. But now somebody has done a bit of editing, so the sign says NO BARKING.

I like this version better.

Today we found that mamma bird is still in residence in her nest under the foxglove, not frightened away as we had feared. And so we smile, and hope.

Is there anything more important than sleep? I don't think so.

A guy I know seems to have mice nesting under the hood of his car somewhere. What a strange life it must be for the mice!

I can't imagine it ending well.

Uh-oh. I was photographing stuff in the garden when I moved a foxglove leaf and uncovered this nest. Sparrow eggs, maybe? I hope I haven't scared mamma bird away.

The road is on the map. What a nice lookout spot that must be, I think. A perfect resting-spot for hikers, and with a view!

So I go there. No road. It's because the neighbours on each side have just kind of swallowed it up between them. So they get free land, we get no lookout spot, no public access.

So annoying.

I am ready for it to be March now. Troubling that it is almost May instead.

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> MaaStodon is entirely hosted in Europe, using European services, and therefore not bound by U.S. law.

fixed my most important selling point

Who made these tracks? They are on the outside of a cistern, and they must have been left by some kind of creature who climbs. And wanders, apparently aimlessly!

If an experienced gardener gives you a lemon balm plant for your garden, you may have found somebody who really doesn't like you.

I may spend the rest of my life digging out this pernicious stuff. Sigh.

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I trained a neural network to try to reproduce psalms and it ended up writing nonsense.
Then someone arranged one of the psalms for choir - to the theme from Tetris.

At the local grocery store, I had the rebel cashier. The price check on my cheese took too long for her patience, so she gave me the cheese for free. She does this a lot, she says, this giving away of stuff. She is so done with price checks.

Do her bosses know? Yes. They keep telling her to stop. Her reply is "No. If you hate it so much, fire me." And I guess she's a good cashier, because she's still there.

It is very yummy cheese.

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TIL During “Jolabokaflod” or Christmas Book Flood, there’s an Icelandic tradition of giving each other books on Christmas Eve and reading them through the night

Brittle starfish shows how to make tough ceramics

" a brittle star can create material like tempered glass underwater."

I think my community is a wildfire disaster waiting to happen. Yours, too?

From CBC: Why catastrophic wildfires are razing so many communities