So, hey. All you people who used to go to the gym to keep fit: what fitness things are you doing now?

@skiring Now the snow is all gone across the road at the school, people are jogging around the track again and also on the streets. Plus the kind of speed-walker types.
You can do a lot at home too though. Check these links:
7 minute howto video:
7 minute do-it video with timing sounds and voice announcements :

@gemlog Thanks! I'll check out those links. What are you doing?

@skiring Waiting for breakup, so I can go back to the tree farm.
In the meantime people snag me here and there for computery things still.
I was in Kitimat today at a cement terminal for a computer problem.
CoronaV is shutting down lots of work. Kitimat was very quiet. They say half of the LNG ppl will be laid off.
I was a bit further down the channel. The foto shows a bunch of cranes building Rito Tinto Alcan's dock out further, not LNG. RTA is an aluminum smelter.

@gemlog Thanks for the update! Always good to hear what you are up to.

@skiring I'd ask, but I know you like to play things a bit closer to your chest.

@gemlog Ha, thanks. Things are quite lovely here today. I have time to walk the dog, and there will probably not be anybody on the trails. I'll be able to spend some time in the garden, too, which always relaxes me.

@skiring Home workouts. Yoga, dumbbells, resistance bands. :)

@esureL Oh right, resistance bands! I've got to go dig mine out; thanks for reminding me that they exist.

I'm so glad about all the fitness equipment I do have here, even though I miss some key things that the gym has and I don't.

@skiring I've got a rowing fitness device. Just did 100 pulls on it. Will do a few more of those sessions during the day to keep feeling decent enough.

@trinsec I wish I had one of those. There are only a few pieces of equipment that I miss from the gym - the rowing machine is one of them.

@xosem That's interesting! Thanks for the Tabata link. I've heard that term before, but knew nothing about it.

I used to have rollers for my bike, a zillion years ago. We can still ride outside here now, but who knows if more restrictions wil come.

@skiring You can checkout Feeel on f-droid, it takes you through a couple of 7-min workouts you can easily do at home.

@metnix Thank you! I love finding stuff on f-droid, and will check that out.

@skiring I don't go to the gym, as I'm not on the level where I need weights heavier than my own body.

Living room 10-minute exercise:

Run in place: 40s jog, 40s maximum effort, 20s jog, 20s max, 20s jog, 20s max, 20s cooldown

Walking mostly with a few high intensity workouts in the backyard.

Trying to be motivated.

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