I miss Majordomo and Listserv mailing lists. They used to be so common! You would find a list for one of your interests, sign up, and then you would be set to go. Any subscriber could send email to one address, and all the other subscribers would get a copy of the message. Discussions happened, community formed.

Do you know of any interesting mailing lists that are around now? Not tech ones, not some stupid mailchimp annoyance, but real community-focused email discussion lists. Anybody?

@skiring If you think community radio is ok then anonradio has a majordomo listserve at sdf.
The other ones are likely technical and, really, the anonradio one is extremely low traffic.
Hmm. Now I don't remember where I saw the link.
I know it's
maybe @snowdusk_ or @SDF can point to the right way and other lists.

@gemlog @SDF Thanks. I am interested in community radio and have listened to the wasabi thing a few times. I'll keep that list in mind.

@skiring holy crap man I wonder how many people are around on here that remember majordomo and listserv.

I remember using a java knockoff of majordomo back in my college days for a list among friends.

@manawyddan My favourite Listserv list was the Losers' Mailing List. The intro message said something like "You've been subscribed to the Losers' Mailing List, and you will get many messages every day through this list. Now, listen carefully. This is a Listerv list. If you want to unsubscribe, you must go read the directions for how to unsubscribe from a Listerv List. Then you must follow those directions to unsubscribe. It's easy. If you do not follow those exact directions, you will remain on this list forever."

People were subscribed by folks who thought they needed to learn how to use mailing lists properly. Or by their enemies, I don't know.

The mail that came through the list was mostly "get me off this list!" and "unsubscribe!!!" and so forth. List members would get into yelling matches with each other: "No, YOU get ME off this list!!!! I did not subscribe you!" and it went around in circles, forever. It was just beautiful: all the people who could not follow directions, locked in a special hell where they yelled at each other all day long. It gave me such delight.

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