I love hellebores, because they bloom in winter and early spring when almost nothing else does. Zero effort, pretty flowers.

This is a photo of a hellebore I added to my garden last year, on a whim.

@skiring I don't think we have those. Pretty though - purple and green. Green flowers aren't too usual.

@gemlog Hellebores come in more colours than you could possible imagine. Here are some at Veseys, the online plant store I like:

Holy Mac!!
They aren't exactly giving them away are they? Eye-watering prices.
No wonder I'm not familiar with them!

@gemlog The cost of beauty, I suppose!

The hellebore I'm buying over there today costs 22.95. That plant will produce a ton of flowers for me, year after year, so I'm ok with that price.

@gemlog I think you were looking at collections - four plants of different types, sold as one unit.

@skiring Nada. I've been here nearly four years and it is only now that I am planning anything. Vegetables. Angela grows flowers and some ornamental bushes.

@skiring I always grow veg - except nasturtiums, but those are kind of like veg in a way anyhow.
I borrowed a real PH meter from a friend after that: PH 6. Perfect and better than I'd hoped given all the needles from the adjacent trees.
A couple of little 4x8 plots to begin and start a proper compost for next year.

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