A few weeks ago it became clear that the gyms would all close, so I got organized and bought a bar and some plate weights. Now I can work out on the porch while ravens laugh at me. I like this.

When the gyms re-open, I wonder how they'll do. Will business resume as before, or will all the people who figured out how to work out at home just give up on going to the gym?

Isn't there a social aspect of going to a shared gym? People will miss that, even if they have all the equipment at home.

@fitheach I do miss the social aspect of going to the gym. But do I miss it to the tune of hundreds of dollars a year? That will be the question.

Well, you could go to the pub instead. Probably no more expensive. 😃 Gym at home, then social at the pub.

@skiring I've been athletic my entire life and at 68 YoA can still put over 200 lbs over my head (on a good day) usually just a bit under 200. I've never belonged to a gym, and have preferred to workout on my own or a friend or two. Gyms really don't offer anything that one serious about fitness can't do on their own.

@skiring Well, I haven’t had the luxury to get equipment (neither the space, nor the money), so I will certainly go back to the CF box where I train. And even if I had equipment, personnaly, I would go train there at least a few times a week I think, because the social aspect is a plus. Also, as someone who plan on switching to coaching, seeing other athletes, giving occasionnal advice, discussing with the coaches, that’s important.

@arcans Crossfit does seem to create strong communities. Sounds like you've got a good thing there.

@skiring Well, I am an olympic weightlifter, not a crossfitter though, but I train there through free access subscription, but yeah there is a good community in that one, good spirit with good quality coaching, I think of myself as lucky to have found that one, really. So yeah, the social aspect there is something that has his weight.

This summer, before moving to my current place, I trained in a commercial gym, and I clearly would have preferred training at home if I had the opportunity, because that was a completely different story.

@skiring I can't speak about future general trends, but can speak for myself:

Being the sucker I paid for one-to-one personal training, hoping to learn the correct form etc. Soon after the gym closed.

We had sold all our weights and bench before moving countries. That does not sound like such a good idea now in hindsight.

We will collect a set of weights as soon as we move somewhere a little more spacious than our current apartment.

@sajith I hope you'll be able to get your personal training sessions at some point!

I'll head back to the gym. For me the camaraderie provides a motivation I struggle with otherwise. Worth the price and I miss it.

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