In the most unlikely of places, there's a bush of these lovely flowers. Camelia, I think.

What happened here? The tree fell some time ago, and sap oozed out when somebody cut the trunk. But... feathers? Yes, there are feathers stuck all over the cut wood.

What do you think happened? Did Owl kill a little bird here and.... oh, I don't know. Do you?

The trail goes across a little creek in the forest. There were large stones in the creek, strategically placed so that a person and a dog could hop from stone to stone to get across. We used to do this, dog and I, but now my dog is elderly and less athletic. So we have been avoiding that trail for a while. But now, look! Somebody has built a bridge across the creek. It is a fine bridge, and very useful.

I love hellebores, because they bloom in winter and early spring when almost nothing else does. Zero effort, pretty flowers.

This is a photo of a hellebore I added to my garden last year, on a whim.

I have enough oregano, but I let the plant spread anyway because the bees love it so much.

This bird was hopping around in one of my garden beds today, seeming quite tame and friendly. After a while I sat down on the ground, and the bird hopped up onto my foot.

I don't know what kind of bird it is. Do you?

I have a mutant tulip here. You know what regular tulip leaves look like, right? They don't usually wrap around a neighbour tulip in an affectionate way.

L.A. River's Invasive Weeds Are Turned Into Musical Instruments

"In the hands of artists and L.A. River advocates the role of invasive river weed, arundo donax, is questioned."

I was at the coffee shop, and along came a guy and his dog. The man was a talented and wise dog trainer: his treat rewards were perfectly timed.

If you look closely you can see the treat flying through the air, which is why the dog's mouth is open.

Happy Wednesday, and happy .

I see these everywhere - they are hammock-style spider webs. And at this time of year, they fill up with snow! So clearly they are quite strong, and I wonder what the spiders are planning to catch when they build these webs. Falling mice?

Happy Wednesday, happy .

This li'l pup was out for an adventure, and paused for a snack part way along.

Happy Wednesday, happy !

Driving tip: check your mirrors.
Dog-watching tip: check other drivers' mirrors, too!

It's Wednesday, so this is ! A perfect time for you to post a photo.

If you do this, please tag your post with . That way those who like this kind of thing can follow the tag to see your content. And those who don't want to see dog photos can use Mastodon's filter feature to remove posts from their timelines.

And now, my photo for this week - a dog whose ears I envy!

Sometimes one must climb to reach the goal. Like, say, when the blackberries have climbed the tree, and I want to eat them up.

There's a tree over there, and look: it seems to have snow on it. Only it's summer, so can't be snow. Whatever is it? I head over to investigate, and here is what I see. Lichen, I guess? It doesn't look like the photos of snow lichen in my lichen book.

This, this is a good plant. Drought-resistant, easy to grow, what's not to like? It's echinacea.

Uh-oh. I was photographing stuff in the garden when I moved a foxglove leaf and uncovered this nest. Sparrow eggs, maybe? I hope I haven't scared mamma bird away.

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