Decades ago, people predicted that we'd live underground by now because global warming would make the surface unlivable.

They didn't count on us being such assholes that we'd burn more fossil fuels to run AC year-round, fighting global warming with more global warming.

@stavros I'm getting a bunch of ACs installed right now as we speak. But does it help when I mention I already got solar panels installed on my roof?

@trinsec @stavros About the solar panels - if you you are using any form of grid-tied solar panel installation - you are adding additional strain on the electricity grid for balancing (additional power plants that have to be kept just in case and the additional effort for managing the grid, plus grid hardware upgrades). See this report in the section "Whole system costs" (near the end):
See how the blue diamonds on the graphic are above the price for Solar and Wind power plants. The bars represent the price to produce. The diamonds represent the price to produce plus the costs for balancing.

About the AC installation - it's a lot better to invest in highly upgraded building thermal insulation and high quality windows. So in the summer will be a lot cheaper to keep it cool and in winter - to warm the space. Here is a good video introducing the concept of a "passive house". There are other interesting moments: With good insulation and air-tightness you need ventilation system to supply fresh air to the space. It's a air filter, big fan, heat exchanger, piping and ducts. Heat exchanger helps to not throw away outsid warm air and in the winter/cold air in the summer. The fan requires very little power (50-60 Watts). So with this system you get fresh clean air and get free clothing dryer. And the power consumption is a lot less - the electric dryer eats a lot of energy - 2-3 kiloWatts (2000-3000 Watts per cycle). So we can run the fan of the HRV for 40 hours with 2000 Watts.

Here are all of the requirements one building to be considered "passive house":
Note how simple they are: heating/cooling energy demands per square meter, airtightness and thermal comfort (not allowing overheating)

@_1751015 @stavros Eh, you call it simple, but this will be more expensive than installing the ACs. This is an old badly isolated 60s rowhouse with not much space to do stuff in. That passive house looks massive compared to my place. I do have plans to replace the south-facing windows for better insulating ones, to get awnings, and to look into better insulation in general. But it is all $$$. I can only do one upgrade every 2 years. A fact is that we face more and longer heatwaves, ACs is a direct solution at least. And especially when there are more and more solar panels in my neighbourhood and my panels can't deliver much power back anymore on the most sunny days like they did last year because of too much power in the grid, at least they'll be able to be used to their full potential when I have the AC on and running. Otherwise it is wasted power. Though I've understood that our powergrid is going to face some changes to be able to handle all this eventually. (Solar panels are heavily subsidized here). In general I'm already trying to take steps in saving energy, but there are limits.

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