(Thread) It's interesting that there appear to be two modes of opinion-forming in the world:


1) The truth is disseminated by the media (like before the internet), the media tells you what is true, there is one truth and largely everyone agrees.
2) The truth is disseminated peer-to-peer, other people tell you what is true so there are as many truths as there are people.

The first option is vulnerable to influence by people who influence/control the media, who end up having you believe whatever is beneficial to them. The advantage is that there is very high consensus by the populace on whatever the current truth is.

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The second option is a more "democratic" approach to beliefs and opinions, but in reality there tends to be very little consensus, with people mostly ending up believing what is most convenient or comforting.

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Since the 2nd option requires people to do much more personal research, and most people aren't trained for that, there's a lot of "well I don't understand this so it must be false", which we're seeing.

Plus, you get random people on Twitter presenting their own opinions as fact.

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