What bedside clock do you use? I couldn't find one like I wanted, so I think I'll make my own. Wishlist:

* OLED screen for illumination.
* Always-on so I can see it in dark.
* Light sensor so faint in dark, bright in day.
* Weather forecast.
* Octagonal so I can lay on side.

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New project announcement!

I am really excited to announce a new side project that allows you to preview and interact with Unity shadergraphs right from your browser!


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Συμβαίνει στην Αριστοτέλους τώρα, κοιτάξτε πόσο κοντά τρέχει ο κόσμος ο ένας δίπλα στον άλλο. Ντροπή πραγματικά που δεν τηρούνται τα μέτρα.

Κοιτάξτε πράγματα που ποστάρει/κάνει retweet ο κόσμος.

Η φωτογραφία είναι από το 2014 και υποθετικά "άσχετη με το tweet". Δεν ξέρω αν ο κόσμος διαδίδει fake news επίτηδες ή από άγνοια, και ποιο είναι χειρότερο.

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Ήρθε η Άνοιξη και άνοιξαν οι πόρτες...
Γεμάτο κόσμο το κέντρο...

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I just saw this disgusting video. I'm loath to post it unsourced, but I think there's enough context in it to draw some conclusions.

Just remember, it's unsourced, so it might be a complete lie.

Throughout my life, whenever I devoted my time to learning something, I always knew there was a higher purpose and that I would some day achieve something great, something that would be worth all my sacrifices.

This is that something.

My first homemade PCB! Notice the clearance between traces, this thing is 1.5 cm wide. Fantastic for a first try, if I may say so myself.

My home PCB fabrication odyssey continues apace. Feast your eyes on my 3D-printer-to-plotter conversion:

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@Stavros@twitter.com Update: It's now possible to manage your Authentication keys on pastery.net! Set names to tell them apart, or remove the unused ones!

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You can now login on your Pastery.net account via TouchID or a hardware token!

Kudos to @Stavros@twitter.com for the implementation. More to come!

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Κοιτάξτε εδώ "προσφορές" ο @KotsovolosOn@twitter.com για το Black Friday. Ανεβάζουν την τιμή δύο βδομάδες πριν και μετά τη ρίχνουν για να πάρει ο κόσμος με "μεγάλη έκπτωση".

Καλά που έχουμε και το @skroutzit@twitter.com. Παιδιά, δε γράφετε ένα άρθρο για το ποιος ανεβάζει τιμές, αφού έχετε τα δεδομένα;

The PCBs for the flight controller of my remote-controlled paper airplane project have arrived! Two out of the three were defective and are going straight in the trash, but the third works well!

Next step: Flight testing! I will post some videos of that… ift.tt/2NDeXbv

This is a bandwidth graph for eternum.io before and after enabling "Cache Everything" in @Cloudflare@twitter.com.

With @Hetzner_Online@twitter.com's 20 TB/mo allowance (for a $10/mo server!) I hadn't noticed Eternum was moving so much data, but it's nice to get speed of the CDN.

So I got it in my head to make a remote controlled paper airplane. Last night I did some initial tests for my flight controller, and this is an early circuit where the ESP8266 drives a brushless motor.

I intend to use two motors (to provide the airplane… ift.tt/2IY9Mjk

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