I noticed the docs for Caddy v1 aren't published anywhere, for some reason, so I uploaded them:


Why aren't they on the site, @mholt6@twitter.com? Wouldn't it be more convenient?

The more I use Slack, the deeper my hatred for it grows. It's infuriatingly slow and its UX is bad.

Hey @codekaiju@twitter.com, would you mind adding the Django-webauthin library to the list of libraries on webauthn.io?



I just started using Slack again and it's unusably slow. I was dismayed for a few days and then remembered their desktop app and tried it, and, wouldn't you know it, it's only "very" slow.

Looks like Slack just doesn't care about performance on Firefox.

I miss @zulip@twitter.com so much.

Decades ago, people predicted that we'd live underground by now because global warming would make the surface unlivable.

They didn't count on us being such assholes that we'd burn more fossil fuels to run AC year-round, fighting global warming with more global warming.

This site just popped up a modal saying "we respect your privacy" and the only option is "accept all cookies".

My favorite Carl Sagan quote is one where he's answering a child that just asked him a question:

“I don’t know the answer. Maybe no one knows. Maybe when you grow up, you’ll be the first to find out.”

In other news, Epic sued Apple for being too powerful, Apple said "Oh yeah?" and banned Epic from everything ever in an attempt to prove them wrong.


So the guy who solicited donations to build an anti-Mexican wall ended up embezzling a bunch of money, which initially sounds terrible but is better than building a wall I guess?


Does anyone know what the "request access" feature in @gitlab@twitter.com is for? Why would I add people as developers instead of just having them submit an MR?

I am making THE INTERNET CUBE! A cube that sits on your bookshelf and subtly glows in different colors depending on whether your internet connection is down.

Please don't make IT Crowd jokes, they have all been made.

The biggest challenge of running No Bullshit Games (nobsgames.stavros.io/) is that I tell people "If there's in-game currency, or pay-to-win, don't submit it" and get submissions like "There is p2w but isn't necessary to play the game".

Come on, people.

@trinsec Do you like your current one? Seems pretty featureful.

I call it the "do not be alarmed" clock. I also want it to have a beeper and LED so it can wake me up by rising light instead of sound.

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What bedside clock do you use? I couldn't find one like I wanted, so I think I'll make my own. Wishlist:

* OLED screen for illumination.
* Always-on so I can see it in dark.
* Light sensor so faint in dark, bright in day.
* Weather forecast.
* Octagonal so I can lay on side.

What's the current standard for symmetric encryption/decryption on the CLI? I remember there's a tool that's more modern than GPG, but forget the name.

I will be livestreaming a design session in half an hour (11 PM UTC), I will be designing a camera mount for my new plane camera.

Tune in to give me suggestions!


You know that friend who seems to enjoy spoiling shows for you? Fuck them:


Spoilers as a service, my latest project. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR AN EXCITING NEW BILLION DOLLAR IDEA.

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