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#Brendan_Eich just directly responded to the #twat that I posted on #twatter at the top of this thread. He's obviously frustrated that even after conceivably everyone on his staff told him this was wrong, he went ahead and implemented the #link_hijacking in his #Brave_Browser.

He's trying to say now that this is some #mistake they made, and that their #opt_in widget for crypto somehow got picked up by their autocomplete, also, when pressed further, he's saying that they've now turned this #affiliate feature off by default and show how you can disable this until the next software update...

But #Git doesn't lie. You can see all the commits and see exactly what happened in their repo. This was a deliberate insertion of #URLs for link-hijacking. This is wrong, and it's been noted that this isn't the first um... hm.... #sketchy thing he's done (I"m being kind, I could have used words like, #idiotic or #nefarious or #insidious or #diabolical or #degenerate or a host of other adjectives), but I'm going to lean on the misguided rather than criminal side of things here - #Eich is just a fucking #Goombah showing his narcissism. He could have listened to his staff but when he gets it in his head that he's right, then everyone else is wrong and he just goes all #Steve_Jobs on everyone.

If Brendan's Brave Browser project was such a coveted partner of #Binance and #Coinbase, etc., then suffice it to say that the User Agent String would have been more than enough to let those companies know that it was his browser that was bringing fresh meat to the slaughter, er... I mean #BBQ.

It is, after all, his project. And it is a struggle to monetize #FOSS projects, but you don't have to do stupid fucking shit that alienates your own proponents who are privacy advocates!

How lame is that?

Anyway, as you can see, he thinks out loud on the keyboard and *just muted* the convo. lolz...

Well #Brendan, in the #Fediverse, no one can hear you #censor - sorry bub (NOT). h/t to #Sigourney_Weaver there ;)

The #Moral of the story here isn't that a FOSS champion has betrayed anyone, it's that as a user of FOSS, and #advocate and #protagonist of FOSS, and someone who is interested in your own #privacy, #intellectual_property, and freedom, you also need to take responsibility for that #freedom in the same way that Ben_Franklin points out to us all.

@OpenSource software is superior because you can audit for yourself the code it is comprised of (that's just one reason), but you must always fight for your freedom, you can't just #abdicate your own authority for ensuring you remain free, and although you can certainly #delegate some of that responsibility to watchdogs like #davidgerard.co.uk, you really must be diligent in your insistence to remain free.

Am I dumping the Brave Browser now, or am I going to stop recommending it? Um... Look, it's better than a lot of alternatives (#Firefox has always rocked, face it!), and not as good as some other #Chromium based browsers, but for the average #schmoe it does provide a lot of privacy features out of the box for your average #n00b.

Brave is but one of my backup chromium installs on #Android, and #David_Gerard makes a few decent recommendations there for those who aren't technologically challenged, I've been antithetical to Microsoft products since before I started teaching the #MCSE program for them in 1995, but at the moment, I've actually be watching and testing the new chromium based Edge Browser (it supports Chrome plugins), and that's a hard admission to make for me, the guy who's been on a mission from God to eradicate all Windows products in the Enterprise since I discovered #SLS and #Yggdrasil #Linux, but then again, I came from an early 4.2 #BSD background anyway.

So getting back to that somewhat rhetorical question, no, Eich is eating his crow now, let's hope this will suffice for the time being, while greater, more viable and effective solutions yet loom on the horizon :)

I hope that helps :)

- tallship

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Exactly you fucking #idiot!

We're all kicking you in the pussy now biotch, all the way to the curb!

What the hell were you thinking? Engaging in illegal link hijacking?

This isn't any different than hijacking DNS and they put #Eugene_Kashpureff in prison for it!


Time to dump the #Brave browser!
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So some #Bozo's thought that #RMS was being a bit harsh when he got all religious and #FSFy on Canonical not too long ago, calling Shopping Lens #malware.

After reading the quote below, lemme know if you still think so:

"In the Ubuntu 20.04 package base, the Chromium package is indeed empty and acting, without your consent, as a backdoor by connecting your computer to the Ubuntu Store. Applications in this store cannot be patched, or pinned. You can't audit them, hold them, modify them, or even point snap to a different store. You've as much empowerment with this as if you were using proprietary software, i.e. none. This is in effect similar to a commercial proprietary solution, but with two major differences: It runs as root, and it installs itself without asking you."

- Clement Lefebvre

I know I know you're gonna call me hypocritical for recommending #Mint to #n00bs for all of these years while never running it myself or installing it for those customers whose machines I actually manage. Why? Coz I actually do prefer #LMDE for those folks, I just don't want then to be discouraged and go back to #wYNd0z3 if they got a minor hiccup when attempting to install it alone by themselves, and regular Mint usually avoids that pitfall for the beginner.

And as y'all know how find I am of saying, "Friends don't let friends run #ewboontew!"

Yah, there's a lot of hour about the new release. How many people are hey about installs occurring behind your back for things you can't control? And targeting you through one of the most prevalent user space apps.

Didn't y'all yer lesson when #Mark_Shuttleworth brushed off the criticism by suggesting that n00bs could just install #Shopping_Lens?

I mean, seriously? n00bs didn't even know what it was, let alone how to remove it!

Weren't you sufficiently schooled when #Canonical went out of their way to scrape and remove virtually every mention of the word #Linux from their websites and literature?

I'll say it again and again, #Friends_dont_let_friends_run_ewboontew and you should always be on the lookout for #AYBABTU.

I've been a Mint fan for years, just not the ewboontew derivation, why not give #Linux_Mint a spin as it should be? i.e., a #rolling_release based on #Debian Testing:

Oh, yeah, if you kinda like ewboontew and you're feeling butt-raped over Canonical forcing their #snapd and store young you... Especially in such a #nefarious way, note that That #Clem, his #dev team, and the other good folks over at Linux Mint aren't going let this happen and have blocked it.

So in whatever respect this divergence will eventually manifest, it is, at the very least, a giant leap in the right direction.

#tallship #Vger
I can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔
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Cargo goes by ship
Shipments go by truck
You park in a driveway
You drive on a parkway
Hey lady, you're wearing a pair of panties but only one bra!
Why do you need a hot water heater when you don't need to heat hot water?

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Hey I've been wondering for a while what the asterisks and plus signs (or lack thereof) over at https://fediverse.network/pleroma mean.

Typically, and by standard convention, when there are asterisks and other types of note/exception flags like that, one puts those symbols at the bottom (or top) of the page or document, which explains what those symbols denote - there's no such explanation of what these symbols mean at Fediverse.Network though.

Can someone please explain (if anyone knows) what those asterisks and plus signs and the lack thereof denote?

I've included a graphic (screenie) of the page showing how those symbols are being used, but without any explanation as to what that indicates.

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found this little tidbit lying around in my inbox from sometime in 2013. It's childish, immature, and still to me, funny as fuck:


From Urbandictionary.com:

<3 Noun, sometimes a verb

1:) Some people use this as a heart, but those people are wrong. It is
clearly a ballsack.

EXAMPLE: I <3 you (I ballsack you)


sack Verb "I sacked him", To sack someone in the balls.

EXAMPLE: To lean out from the window of a moving Le Baron while turning
the corner at a crosswalk, speeding away, and punch the pedestrian in
the balls.

teabag Verb "He teabagged his defeated, dying opponent, by straddling
the bloody body as it lie on the ground, bent his knees slightly, and
began wagging his ballsack to and fro over his face."

EXAMPLE: An act of humiliation toward a fallen foe. To wave ones
ballsack back and forth over a dead or dying opponent while they lie
helpless on the ground.


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If you only read one post today, pay attention to this one... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

(Please Boost)

I've been cautioning people about this aspect of using biometrics for credentials for a few years now.

Sure, it may lend itself to secure authentication, yet it also lends itself to search and seizure w/o the constitutional requirements of a warrant signed by a judge. i.e., a court order is required to compel one to divulge a password, or at the very least unlock a device such as a laptop or mobile device using that person's password.

If you're arrested, law enforcement personnel do not have the authority to demand you divulge such information, or require you to use your passwords to grant them access to your assets. Only a judge can do that.

They can however, force you to roll out your fingers to be printed and entered into a fingerprint database, and for if arrested for an alleged felony, collect DNA from a suspect.

What this means, is that in the United States, if you lock your phone with a biometric key, such as a fingerprint, cops can hold you down and physically force your hand (yes, pundit) to unlock your phone, making all of the contents of that device available to them.

Here's the relevantt verbiage in this ARS Technica article that glosses over this fact that most folks aren't even aware of...

To wit: if you lock your phone with a fingerprint, it isn't locked at all if you're ever arrested for something even as common as a DUI.

"While courts aren’t unanimous, they frequently grant more latitude to defendants who refuse to divulge passwords, since doing so amounts to testifying against oneself. Biometric information, by contrast, is often regarded as evidence that investigators can confiscate."

The way they put it in this article, it doesn't sound as vile and all encompassing in scope as it actually is in reality - go read up more on this, US Circuit courts have already long since ruled on this, so it is in fact De jure.

I'll say this one more time: "If you are arrested for ANYTHING, and you lock your phone with a biometric key of any kind, Law enforcement is entitled to freely access ALL of your data without any additional cause.

Unless you want to be their bitch, Don't do it.

#search_and_seizure #iris_scan #1984 #retinal_scan #fingerprint #biometric #privacy #security #personal_information #vulnerability #big_brother #we_are_the_dead #chant_of_the_ever_circling_skeletal_family #run_forrest_run #be_afraid_be_very_afraid #shorn_sheep

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No one is immune to being troll-bated, and sometimes I end up in the #twatterverse. While there a few minutes ago I had a great chuckle...

Tonight, after dinner with his wife at a Cupertino Chinese restaurant, The Great Woz opened up his fortune cookie and took a photo of it, expressing his amusement with the irony of prophecy decades late lol.

Here was my response to him:

"Well that fortune is a little late to the table, isnt' it? lolz... After all, You're the guy that really invented the Personal Computer. People talk about S. Jobs, but my heroes are Bill Joy, Ken Thompson, Leonard Kleinrock, Tim Paterson, Linus Toralds, and you, Oh great Woz <3"
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@larrydavis @TommyWiseau

I actually liked that movie his friend made for him, where he's the freaky mortician, actually, it was a two parter lolz (#Best_Friends, I & II, made by, his IRL best friend, #Greg_Sestero). I never knew who Tommy was before that and then I saw the Franco bros' movie and thought, WTF?

Then I had to d/l and see, 'The Room'.... er..... Anyway, did I say I liked the movie, Best friends? I mean, just for the sheer WTF factor.

He's actually got quite the cult following, kinda like the old Rocky Horror and Song Remains the Same movies alternating at midnight every weekend in theatres way back.

Yah, I think the obfuscation and deliberate disinformation wrt to his past kinda adds to the mystique - all kinds of conspiracy theories abound, and healyn@mastodon.social, you even attribute percentages to the possibilities lolz... You're fanning the fires of the fandom :)

Spoiler alert: #Tommy_Wiseau is actually from the city of Poznań.

I can't wait to wait to follow that bot once it's released!

It's okay Tommy ;) You're alright in my book, but yah, you're a weird little fucker nonetheless lolz!

P.S. And Healyn's right about your hairdo ;)

https://bit.ly/2Khp83P #cheezburgerz! #tallship
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“After this is over I'm going to go check into the mental hospital for an indefinite amount of time. I have a whole list of things that will ensure my involuntary confinement from the world. The kind that they can't ignore or brush off onto the crisis clinic. I'm never coming back.”

- Paige A. Thompson
(05 July, 2019)
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