Why using #Haskell / #Hakyll to compile a simple static website (1 HTML file, 1 CSS file) hosted on #GitLab Pages may be a bad idea:

• When using Stack, the ~/.stack directory is about 3.5 GB.
• The build fails when running on CI, (apparently due to an old Stack version): gitlab.com/Ercoin/ercoin.tech/ .
• When fixed, the build times out after one hour of running: gitlab.com/Ercoin/ercoin.tech/ .
• If cabal sandbox is used instead of Stack, another error occurs: github.com/bos/aeson/issues/64



@KrzysiekJ Pandoc's a beast as I recall, and compilation is very memory-hungry, once.

On the other hand, why would you externally host more than the static content that's baked out at the end?

Or that plus the hakyll binary and site source files?

@tool_man Separating binary from the rest of the site sounds like a logical solution, but it would probably mean splitting the site into two repositories and it would be rather problematic in regard to CI setup. Also Hakyll binaries contain hardcoded paths, so this separation of content from generator wouldn’t be very natural.

In the end Hakyll was replaced with Zodiac: capitalism.party/@KrzysiekJ/10

@KrzysiekJ Cool, hadn't seen Zodiac before, looks like it would do the usual things you'd expect for a static site.

I must say, awk is one of those tools that's always just around, and more powerful than I remember.

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