Probably time to revisit the air-dropped WiFi mesh node idea

The recipe so far:

- Cut-away drogue
- Flip-up 5V solar panels
- 18650 battery pack
- Hacked travel router
- Spray painted PVC tube
- 2 End caps
- Spring-loaded, sheet metal legs

+ Maybe an ESP32 to handle maintenance like flipping the solar panels down and up again via solenoid to get rid of snow/debris accumulation

@cypnk now you got me curious what you are talking about lol.

@jordan31 Many, many, many moons ago, I had a chat here with a bunch of other hackers about creating an auto-syncing, auto-connecting, self-healing WiFi mesh network

The air-dropped node idea came out (wasn't my idea originally) and it seemed the most feasible in a disaster area where human intervention wasn't possible

Basically, you can drop a few of these which will link up to each other and provide an ad-hoc hotspot for others. The node closest to the internet backbone will provide backhaul


@cypnk @jordan31
Cool idea. I've wondered if mesh networking could provide a benefit in my area; DSL in many places, nothing in others, places with rough terrain and relatively few people.

Something like Scuttlebutt ( appeals, where it doesn't need regular, real-time connectivity. Get a message out, store-and-forward style, occasionally by sneakernet.

Maybe you'd want some sort of gateway to the world, opportunistically, not aimed at browsing and Netflix.

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