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Invalid states should be unrepresentable

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Very cool!

DuckDuckGo just shared a data set of 5,326 domains used by 1,727 companies that track your behavior online.

The data is publicly available and automatically generated and maintained through continuous crawling and analysis.

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This morning I went to a popular #coffee chain and ordered a coffee and they asked all the usual questions including my name so they could write it on the cup.

“Matt”, I answered. She replied “And is that with two T’s?”

“No teas. Just the coffee thanks!”, I quipped.

And there was NO REACTION :lol_fb:

So after a brief awkward pause I just said "Yes, two Ts"

:coffee_fb: :coffee_fb: :coffee_fb:

Clearly not a fan of #dadjokes.

When you want to know what all the fuss around facial recognition is about, some examples are good to have. Here's a CBC story on Clearview AI, and the Canadian users that came up in a recent data breach.

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Good morning and wonderful Wednesday Mastodon!

May you do good work today, as the gentleman in this picture did.

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Clearview AI's Massive Client List Got Hacked Clever malware, student surveillance, and more of the week's top security news. #wired #news #Security/SecurityNews #securityroundup #Security

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This seems like an apt time to remind folks, print is not dead

And, unlike digital media which can be censored on a whim by an ISP or your typical walled garden, it is still considered protected speech (at least on the surface in the U.S.)

Zines are still a thing and people are making everything from comics to manuals, to a myriad of content that's for sale or given away from their homes or public spaces (the few that remain)

Don't be afraid to print your own. Speak, while you still can

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If anyone in the crowd is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, can you stand up? Thank you.

*cshht* take the shot

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Please boost:

I've been contributing data to #adsbexchange for a while, and looking through my data set I've found vehicles that are broadcasting #adsb packets but aren't showing up as planes or helicopters. They're showing up as cars (with the icon one would expect of a motor vehicle).

I've looked through my unit and I'm not seeing any signs of data corruption or clock skew that suggests spoofing.

I know it's entirely possible for land vehicles to be outfitted for ADSB, but I've never heard of it being done before.

Does anybody out there know anything?

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One of the best decisions I made was to deactivate those 'read receipts', aka blue ticks, from the IM apps that I use. Not only people stopped asking me for an answer right away but also I stopped waiting for other people's answers as soon as the ticks went blue. #MentalHealth

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‪Part of the reason the “Tech Industry” even exists was that a generation grew up learning to tinker and take apart things, build things, and learn from others who have done similar ‬

‪Walled garden black boxes, DRM, and the like are just slash-and-burn agriculture‬

‪Expect decline‬

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Tired: Disney+
Wired: Undoing the fucking damage Disney has done to our culture, copyright, and the public domain.

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Advice, please, on selfhosting-friendly authn systems for web apps? Openid (the original one) made it quite easy for people to run their own auth provider - iirc every WordPress install could act as one, for example - but oauth2 and openid connect seem to require me as a webapp author to know explicitly about every auth provider my users might want to use. Which basically means most app authors just do one or more of google/twitter/fb and assume everyone has those

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