Stayed over at my parents for a lot longer than I expected. Mom was telling again about her past. Learned a few more things about our weird family. :P

Ye gods, I think my kitchen is hotter than the hellish outdoors at the moment! Just cooked up a decent meal with help of the oven and the stovetop... and I'm totally melting in there!

*Finishes watching The LEGO Movie*

Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship!

We need houses that can fold open to let the cool air in as efficiently as possible.

Go Go Gadget House!

Ok, the film version of Koning van Katoren was a good enough movie, but the book by Jan Terlouw was lots better. This movie should've been a mini-series imo; One or two locations per episode so everything could've been more detailed, and then it could've followed the book more closely. A lot of things were omitted which is a shame. And I just found out that the English title of the book is 'How to become king'. I can recommend it, it's fun to read. It's got the subtle sarcasm about society that existed in the '70s.

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*Realization dawns* Isn't it the simple fact that there is Katoren and the neighbouring country Eltoren that one is 'Ka' and the other is 'El', the letter K and the next letter in the alphabet L? :P

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Going to try again to stay up as late as possible to keep the backdoor open for cool air. Might continue watching 'Koning van Katoren' (King of Katoren). I've read the book (and its sequel) by Jan Terlouw and that was pretty good. Lots of ridiculing bureaucracy and corruption.

What the heck was I reading just then... a (Dutch) article about the waters around Texel (one of our islands) being very milky-looking. It's not pollution, it's just the oysters orgasming (releasing their eggs and sperm) in those waters. 'Orgie in de NIOZ-haven' (Orgy in the NIOZ-port).
Pics and video can be found here:
That was entertaining.

It feels like today is going to be a migraine-tastic day. I guess I'm not capable of dealing with this heat after all. I'll just stay indoors all afternoon. The shadow in the garden is probably not cool enough, not even with a large bowl of water at my feet. So much for trying to get used to this heat.

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Among intellectual advancements of humanity, it really can't be overstated how important the concept of zero has been for us, however, biologists have been able to show that some vertebrates understand the concept of "none many", grey parrots, many primates, and EVEN preschool children have been shown to be able to understand the concept of the empty set.

But now, we know that honey bees too, can understand zero.

Scientists found this out by giving honeybees a choice between two images, each with a number of objects on them. When they chose the image with less objects, they would get a reward of sugar water. In training them like this, the researchers eventually gave the bees a choice between an image with one or two objects, and a blank, white image, which they have never seen before. 2 out of 3 of the bees tested were able to understand that none was numerically less than 1. They are the only known insects to be able to comprehend this.

Bunch of rogue butterflies roaming through my garden, even bumping against my feet. Weird creatures.

I like butterflies.. (So does my cat, but that's not relevant now). I should plant a butterfly bush in my back garden too, since they always look so nice and colorful!

Heh, I just received a video from a buddy who's on the way to his job by train, so he's wearing a mask. I have a bloody hard time following what he's signing because I can't read the face. :P

Survived the first day of this heatwave! 6 or 7 more days to go! Good thing this actually started pretty late in the summer, the shadows are longer which I'm using to my advantage!

After sitting outside in the shadow for over 2 hours, sitting inside now feels surprisingly cool. I'm definitely enjoying this.

*eyes cat* My cat keeps switching back and forth every 5 minutes between two shadowy spots in my garden, about 5 meter apart. No clue why he can't settle on one spot.

I think I need to stop checking the weather reports.... Every time I check it's only getting worse. At this rate the world will be burning by the end of the week. :blobsweats:

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I know somebody living in Lebanon, and she's safe. Whew. The 'before' and 'after' satellite images of Beirut really shows a huge hole from the explosion in the 'after' picture, it's insane.

I keep checking the weather forecast regularly in the (futile) hope that it won't be a week straight of 30+C temperatures. :P

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